Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Hey I know I promised more on Disney world with pictures and everything, but I've been gardening and haven't gotten the pictures developed yet. I promise they're on the way.

So I've been trying to get healthier I figured instead of complaining and worrying about my weight I should get off my fat duff and do something about it (both figuratively and literally). I'd already started walking and when I was in Florida my dad and I ran two miles (well slowly jogged would be a better term). I couldn't believe it, I mean it was so encouraging I thought for sure that was well beyond me. So now I get up four to five times a week, when Brian is still home and it's cool outside and go for a jog. I'm still walking with Beki, and I started gardening (which burn about as many calories as a brisk walk so get outside and pull some weeds).

I've always loved exercising and getting that back into my life is easier then going super strict with the food, because as I've gushed so many times before I do love my food. I'm watching that too though; at lean cuisines website you can set up an account and enter your food and exercise and they keep track of carbs cals fat, etc. and how many calories you burned (which is always fun to see). This has helped me stay on top of what I'm eating, and since it's like a game I have an easier time being good through out the day. They also told me how many calories I should take in a day to loose weight in a healthy manner. It seems like now I can eat more it's just healthier food, what a load off my mind not to be freaking out every time I open the fridge. Also it requires no counting on my part they do all the math.

A friend also turned me onto this web-site called hungry-girl.com. It's a really neat website with info and cool recipes that mimic things you crave (like pie and restaurant food) It's also fun looking. It gave me an idea for a low fat/carb cookies and cream pie (which was very yummy by the way).

I totally sound like a commercial: "since I joined blog diet I've lost half a pound and can tie my own shoes, I couldn't be happier!!" There is one thing that really buggs me about diet experts (well probably way more then one, but I'm trying to be a positive person so one it is). They always say to eat salad but to leave off the dressing!! Yuck!!! Who eats salad with no dressing? The dressing is the only thing that makes the salad worth eating at all. If you leave off the dressing you may as well take a bag of crutons into the back yard pour them on the ground and start grazing!!! Not to mention the fact that they've actually done studies and the fat in dressing helps your body absorb the nutrients from the lettuce (that is not a lie I read it in that "what to expect when your expecting" book). Well that is my rant for today, if you like to eat your salad with no dressing please leave me a comment I would love to hear from you and if your like me pour on the "nature valley", and
"Newmans own" and enjoy a cool summer lunch.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's been too long

I'm sorry it's been so long, way way too long. In my defense we were getting ready for a vacation which included sewing some clothes, and of course who wants to come home to a dirty house so I had to clean (which seems ridiculous since when we came home it was like instant mess.

So in the time we've been away Hunter has changed so much! I can't believe it, I mean I feel like I can't even blink. He's gone from barely rolling over to rolling all over the room from lifting his head up to skooching. I put him on the floor in the kitchen and barely a minute later I looked down and he was laying next to my foot smiling at me. It was so cute.

And did I tell you he weened himself? It's funny because a few months ago I was like I've had it, I'm done with this. And then we cut back to only nursing twice a day so it wasn't such a big deal. Then one day he pushed me away, I tried again and he pushed me away again. I was so surprised that I cried, I think I said through tears "I thought I was ready but I guess I wasn't" It makes me smile now and I know with all the stuff we have going on it will be so much easier.

On vacation Hunter started saying "na na na na" which brings his vocab up to da, na, hey, hi, and ok. But I was a little miffed that he said nanny before "ma" I mean I'm the one that does all the hard work. It was worth it to see my mom's face light up, and he's smart I mean I don't know that he gets the concept that Na is my mom but he knows that if he calls it out when he's upset she'll come get him.

So any way yesterday he started saying "ma" I was so excited. I didn't know I could get excited about anything like that. We squealed and clapped and then danced to the YMCA.