Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Okay so this was such a fun project I had to share it.  This year I wanted to get something silly and thoughtful for my brother-in-laws birthdays. Patrick was no problem Heather found something for him right away: a silly comic book. But Justin turned out to be something else entirely. I don't know why the guy is really funny but I just couldn't find the right thing at all. So finally I thought what is it about Justin that I love the most? It's how wonderful he is with my boys. He is the uncle that get's them whipped up into a frenzy and that guy will wrestle with them, throw them in the air what have you for hours!
In production. This one is for my Nephew.

This is the fabric on the inside. I dubbed it "80's van fabric"
But it really reminds me of Dr. Who of which my sisters
and I are HUGE fans!

So I finally decided to make him a super hero cape! SuperH and Mama Mia both have one and I thought a Super Uncle needs a Super cape. Then I got a little carried away and decided that his wife and one year old also needed super hero capes. This way the entire family can play together and you know what? We all need a little more play time in our adult lives don't you think?
I made one for Conster too. He didn't have one yet.
Don't you just love the robots?

Justin is "Super Uncle!" his special finishing move is to make his opponents say "uncle", My sister Courtney is a jeweler so her super name is "Diamond Dame" her power is to sparkle in her opponents eyes and my nephew's name is "Screeli!" his ability is to scream at such a subsonic level as to break glass etc.
A couple of my students modeling the "grown-up" capes for me.

Didn't completely think the double d thing through for
diamond dame... maybe no one will notice.

Don't worry I'm pretty sure he doesn't read this blog so it's a still a secret!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What I Wore.

So, no new clothes is turning out to be wonderfully fun so far. I realize the newness hasn't worn off and I haven't had to go searching for difficult things like sweaters or jeans yet but what I have found as been great!

I've been snagging all kinds of goodies when I go junking (antiquing with my mom and sisters and Megan mostly) I don't' know if it's because I'm on the look out for clothing and accessories at these places and I never was before or if the stars have just aligned but I've been having a ton of luck.

Buzz Jammies: Once Upon a Child, $3.
Where Worn: Every where including VBS.

The boys aren't included in the challenge but because I'm thinking second hand now I decided to check out Once Upon a Child here in town because Conster really needed pj's. The store is a little too crowded but we bought four pairs of pajamas most of which looked brand new including this buzz light year set. SuperH already had a pair and they were absolutely thrilled to have matching pj's they even wore them to twin day at VBS.

Dress: Made by Me.
Bracelets: Vintage from antique shop in MD.
Head Scarf: Vintage from antique shop in MD.
Sun Glasses: Kate Spade, gift for my 30th birthday.
Where Worn: Out to dinner and groceries with the boys and then a movie with Brian.

I love these bracelets and I love this green head scarf!! Both great finds while shopping with my mom and sisters (as if shopping with my mom and sisters wasn't good enough).

Oh how I am infatuated with these bracelets right now!
Skirt: Double Exposure Consignment shop $6?
Shirt: GoodWill Marshall, $3
Locket: Hand made from an on-line store. Can't remember the name or the price.
Where Worn: Out to coffee and the used book store with my sisters.

Isn't my sister Courtney gorgeous?! I am one of those blessed people that considers her sisters among her best friends. And time spent with them is time spent well! Courtney in particular can give me the giggles like no other. She suggested we check out the used book store for sewing reference books and I lucked out we found two really good ones.  Unfortunately it may be the start of a vintage sewing reference book collection (I'm just a touch out of my mind.)

Same basic outfit earlier that week. I just really love this picture. My cousin snapped it. 
Conster and I are sitting on a bridge over this little spring fed creek where my mom and dad live. The creek actually runs through this little stone building that was used as a summer kitchen and a place to keep meat and things cold before there was electricity. How ingenious is that?

Friday, August 5, 2011


The winner of the Jill's Addictions gift certificate is:

"My purchase wasn't clothing, it was a dog stroller. We have entertained lots of people with it at least."

Jeanie, we want to see the stroller with a dog in it! We think Ranger would like to go for a ride.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The 2nd Time Challenge.

This skirt was thrifted, and it's one of my favorites.
Hi there friends! I'm terribly excited and nervous about this post.  I have been planning it for a while and just can't wait to let you know whats going on! There is a movement in the on-line sewing world to participate in challenges called "Made Me." so for instance "Made Me August" would be a month-long challenge to wear at least one handmade article of clothing every day. I think this would be so much fun but do not have enough home made clothing.

However, my friend Beki and I started really getting into researching and understanding where our store bought clothing was coming from. It's not pretty.  I did a huge three part series about it here, here and here if your interested. Here are is a great link to get you started if you want to do more research: free2work is a site dedicated to making if easier for the consumer to find out where a product is from and how ethical it is. They use a grading system I find very helpful. Suffice it to say that if a store can make a profit on a three dollar t-shirt or a $10 sundress someone somewhere is being exploited. The first thing I thought when I started feeling convicted about this was "I can't afford to buy clothing from nice places." but then I started wondering if that was a legitimate excuse. How would God respond if we were having tea and I told him why I had to keep shopping at Forever21? I mean do I really need 5 camisoles in various colors? Truth is I buy way too much and half of what I own I never wear.

So, Beki and I took a tentative plunge test into the thrift shop/consignment shop world.  Know what? it wasn't bad. I'm not stupid I know that people don't have time to dig through racks and racks of stuff at GoodWill but there are some really nice consignment shops. The kind where I can buy Ann Taylor clothes but actually afford them! Beki has had amazing luck buying designer labels from individuals on Ebay and such.

So we are starting a challenge. I'm calling it the "2nd time challenge" for six months we are not going to buy any new clothing for ourselves.  We will shop only at second hand stores or sew the things we want ourselves or buy them from individual designers who sell their own hand made stuff (check out etsy for all things handmade). There is so much waste in this country and so much excess; technically I've bought several tops that were brand new, still had the tags, but I got them from a charity shop so the profits went back into the community, back to local businesses and not to evil clothing companies who are exploiting women and children.

There are a few exceptions to the second hand rule: Undergarments such as panties, socks and bras and athletic shoes.  Though I'll still try and be as responsible with my purchases as possible (I hear Fruit of Loom and New Balance have good labor practices). The dollar is powerful so I want to make my dollar count for something.  We'll see how it goes I would love it if you joined us.  Even if you just try it out for a month and see how it changes the way you look at clothing and how much you consume.  At least educate yourself to know what stores and companies are doing the right thing and which aren't. H&M and Target both have fairly good records, Forever21 and Wal-mart do not.  Things made in small asian countries tend to be worse avoid clothing that says it was made in Cambodia and other places like that.

But wouldn't it be fun to do this together? I'll be posting occasional outfit posts telling you wear I've gotten different things and Beki and I will be highlighting cool second hand shops in our area.  The more of us that do it the more style ideas we're going to get and the more cool stores we're going to discover.

Check out Beki's blog here and Susie's Blog here. They should both have posts up in the same vein in the next few weeks.

And because I'm so excited about this new challenge I'm doing a give-away! Jill from my very Favorite store Jill's Addictions has donated a $25 gift certificate for her store. Even if you live further away it's worth a trip just to visit her shop (plus you could see me too). Check her face book page out here. Her shop is the perfect combination of vintage and it is probably the best styled shop I've been in.  If you want to stop and shop you'll find her at 339 South Grand St. Marshall MI. All you have to do to enter is answer this question by Friday August 5th by noon: What is the most stupid or craziest thing you have ever purchased? I'll randomly draw names from the people who commented and post the winner this coming weekend.

Happy thrifting!