Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summer Sewing Challenge!

Hoorah I finally sat down and made my official color palette for my spring/summer sewing. I've already made three items for this season so I had an idea in my head of where I was going, but I want to share it with you all.

My colors for the season are: Cornflower (just got a new pair of flats in the color), Coral (my Easter dress), Periwinkle (which was the color of my bridesmaid dresses about 10 years ago so I must love that color), Mint (I always love green: every season, every year), and Strawberry Red. Obviously this is a wide range but you know me I like my big colored prints for sewing so I think it will all work together beautifully.
A sneak peak of my Easter dress. Do you love
the vintage necklace and bracelet?
I've already made two tops and am planning one more (this one in blue with a peter pan collar). I have three more dresses planned (I already made and wore my Easter dress). One dress, casual in a very 1950's print for every day, to be worn with a wide red belt. A shirtwaist dress in a blue fabric (I'm sort of drafting/putting two patterns together for this one which is a big step for me) for the 4th of July. And if I have time, a silly 1940's inspired frock with dog pockets and some amusing embroidery. I'll also need a very basic skirt to match the tops and a couple pair of shorts to also match the tops.

I am very excited to get started on these projects and if I accomplish all of them I will have a very full closet and most of it will be hand made! I feel good about it since I've already started and because one of the dress patterns I've used before and is very simple. I also love having the palette because when I do shop for rtw clothes I have an idea of what will go and what I'll need so that every purchase fits with what I'm wearing. I end up with so many more options of things to mix and match!

What about you? Do you have any fun summer wardrobe shopping/sewing ahead of you? What are you looking forward to wearing as the weather gets warmer? This is going to be the summer of the dress for me, I can just feel it.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Bunny Baskets.

Our Easter bunny comes on the first day of spring. Er, I mean he's suppose to but this year he wasn't prepared and the book he ordered came in way late and the kids have no idea when the first day of spring was so it worked out... right?

A while back we checked the book "Squish Rabbit" out of the library and the kids loved it. Then when I started thinking about Spring Bunny Baskets (a scosh too late I might add) I thought it was perfect (b/c it's about a rabbit) and I could make a "squish rabbit" and "squish squirrel" (his friend in the book) softee to go in the basket. 
Here is a closeup of "Squish Rabbit" from the book so you can see the similarities in the softee toy. I used a template that I found on Pinterest for both and just made up a tail and ears for the squirrel version. I drew the eyes on with permanent marker so I could get them just right.

I got the chick buckets at Good Will for $2! And filled them with the softee, a straw cup from Target (my kids love cups) and Lindt chocolate bugs. They were good. The box came with five, an odd number, so I had to eat one. I like that they get candy but not such an obscene amount especially since they'll do an egg hunt on Easter. Also I hate that stupid grass so I just skipped it.

The book was for both of them so that went in the middle, and the spider man masks wouldn't fit in the bucket. 

What a fun surprise. Hooray!

Just thought the cute candy deserved a closeup. 

I love Easter and spring and all of it. This is always a fun little project.
I hope you have a fun and blessed Easter!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Lady Sybil I Presume.

"Oh my! Why no it's me; little ol' Jessie, but I can understand the confusion."

I finished this shirt a little while ago and just hadn't gotten around to getting any good pictures of it. This is another Colette pattern, the Jasmine, and I am really happy with how this shirt turned out! I didn't intend for it to be another "Downton Abbey" inspired piece, but it must have been on my mind because it totally reminds me of something Lady Sybil would wear (including pants!).  I am totally loving this era of clothes, of course, and I just finished season one. I actually think Sybil wears a dress or shirt even more similar to this one (like a more casual one around the mansion maybe, when one of the maids is being interviewed in the library?) but I couldn't find an image of it.

I loved it by the way. So good, and I wasn't expecting too like it so well, but man, I just flew through that first season. If you want to join me in gushing about the show please feel free, but no spoilers I haven't been able to get my hands on season two!

Any way back to the shirt. I made version two but did the contrast on the cuffs as well as the collar. It was pretty easy to sew up and I thought it wasn't going to fit well but it does. I actually think it's quite flattering.  I like that the contrast fabric has little polka dots. Also I know I haven't done a spring palette post yet but I'm really feeling the light lavender so you might be seeing more it this year. I wear the shirt a lot so you know it's also quite comfortable. The pin is vintage and was a gift from my mom. The penny-farthing is perfect for the "Downton Abbey" time period don't you think?

I'm working on my Easter dress right now (you'll never guess where the pattern is from) and I'm hoping that turns out as well as this shirt. Happy sewing every one. And if I don't see you before, have a happy and blessed Easter.