Thursday, November 8, 2007

So here is my funny bunnies taking a walk toward me. I know that these have been short entries but I wanted everyone to see how amazing he is. Love ya all.

Monday, November 5, 2007



Well what a rush this autumn has been, warm and busy. I can hardly believe that I haven't blogged since sep. I mean I haven't even told you how awesome Hunter's first birthday cake turned out to be. That was fun, it seriously took me like five hours to decorate his cake and three bags of powdered sugar to make all the frosting it was crazy!! It went really well though the party was very nice and it was so good to see my family.

Then we had Halloween Hunter went as the cutest dinosaur ever known to man.

And finally Hunter is now walking!! He took a few steps for his dad and then nothing for like three weeks. Then all of a sudden he started taking really stumbly steps toward me and then today he's walking everywhere all by him self it's crazy.

It's finally getting colder here and Brian is annoyed because I'm listening to Christmas music and itching to get the decorations out.