Monday, July 30, 2012

One Time the FBI Came to My House.

And, as I've mentioned before, I was gone!! In case you didn't know this about me I love spy stuff. ALIAS was one of the best shows ever. I wish my best friend could marry the fictional character Chuck, and I've been watching James Bond films since before I should have been watching James Bond films (funny James Bond joke: The man who wrote the original James Bond films died over the weekend. His family was shaken not stirred.) I'm pretty sure when I'm old and suffering from Alzheimer's I will really believe that I had been a spy in my younger days.

So when Brian called to tell me that the FBI had come to the house I was completely excited!

 "Why?" I squealed, "What were they wearing? Did they smile? Did they come in the house? Do you suddenly have memory loss you can't explain?"

Turns out they were asking questions about some neighbors of ours.

I start guessing which neighbors, "The one's that have a "garden" in their backyard?"


"The ones who are really secretive and shifty?"

"No." And no no no to all my other guesses.

Finally he just tells me "The blond young couple across the street."

This surprises me because I've been meaning to introduce myself to them for a while. A long while. Such a long while that now I can't introduce myself because it will probably seem weird since it's been two years. What could they be into I wonder. I instruct everyone not to tell my Grammy because she'll worry.

A few months pass by and my husband and I try not to be nosey but it's hard they live right across the street! We see them come and go. We trade theories and ideas as to what it could all be about. We wonder, casually, if maybe they're Russians who have our accents down really well and are living some strange suburban life to throw every one off. I wonder and wonder and then we get an official letter from the FBI "Thank you for your cooperation your neighbor applied for a job and had to get security clearance."

"Well that's completely boring" I pout.

However, by now Christmas has rolled around and we take the opportunity to walk over some home baked goods and finally introduce ourselves (I mean Brian had nothing to tell the FBI and it seems like we should at least know their names in case the Bureau come calling again). They are so nice and admit they've been meaning to introduce themselves for a good year and just weren't sure how. Simply delightful. Somehow that little meeting blossoms into full fledged friendships. They are some of our closest friends and our kids are together a lot (the way cousins should be). We both sew and the men both game. We eat together and shop together and babysit each other's children. It's a completely blessed arrangement.

So you might be asking what does He do. The one the FBI asked about and my answer to you is... I'm not sure... I think he might still be a spy (a good one). He says he's not but when you ask about his job he's really vague and even his wife is vague. I've been in their basement and the man definitely has super spy computers.

AND, he's not the only one! There is a company here called "The Federal Center" several people we know work there but when you ask what they do all you get is weird answers and vague redirections. Their wives answer you in this funny-our-memories-have-been-altered sort of way. Sure it could be a boring explanation like "we keep track of inventory" or it could be something covert. Who would suspect a city like Battle Creek? Who!!!

So to any one who thinks Michigan is boring I say you aren't really observing or using your imagination. Also if you don't hear from me for a while will someone check and make sure my children are okay since I may be being held in a undisclosed location. I SWEAR I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!!!............................................................

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why Brian and I should never be Apart.

Brian and I should never be separated. Why you ask? Because when we are apart the piece of the universe that we inhabit is off balance. I never asked for this kind of responsibility and I certainly don't think we are worthy of it, but the fates, it seem, have a different idea.

Let me explain. When Brian leaves, the town we live in is fraught with natural disasters; as in tornadoes and limbs down everywhere and loss of electricity. Or, snow storms, blowing and drifting and loss of electricity. Or flooding and (wait for it) loss of electricity. Because those things are a pain in the rear end they happen to me when he's gone.

However, when I'm gone it's the weird and unusual. Our front yard has been filled with cows because a farmers fence was down. A semi carrying onions over turned and onions were all over everywhere, the FBI came and asked Brian loaded questions about our neighbors (that's a really funny story and if you want to hear more say so in the comments. They're some of our closest friends now), and just recently a woman down the road died a mysterious death. These things happen when Brian is home because they are weird and I love the weird.

He called me while I was at mom's to tell me there were police cars down the street and two news vans. "Of course" I mutter "I'm gone!" As he's talking the headline pops up from the local paper's twitter feed. All it says is: "mysterious death on Hannah Street". Suddenly his facebook and twitter are going nuts with people from the church making sure he's alive. He wanted to not respond and see if anyone would come over I told him that was a bad idea.   Obviously we have not been the cause of these occurrences but they only seem to happen when we're apart.


At the very least it is true that my husband and I are a very quirky set. And even if the universe isn't off balance when we're apart I know I am.

A side note to the above story. When I got home yesterday I took the dog for a walk because he needed one and I'd been in the car for nine hours (nine hours with a five and three year old. Who wouldn't need a walk?) Keep in mind I've been walking Ranger about the same route for six years now so I guess people have noticed. One woman came busting out of her house just to stop me because her husband and her had been worried that I was the one who had died. They weren't sure from the picture but I hadn't been walking by all week! I was actually sort of humbled and shocked by their concern. Nothing like a friendly neighbor to make you feel like this is where you belong even with the natural disasters and FBI visits.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'll Be Right Back/ My Sister's Having a Baby!

Hi There! Sorry about the radio silence but I've been getting ready to go to my Mom and Dad's. I actually have a really lovely post ready but need to scan in some photos first and, well, it didn't get done. It would have but see my sister is about to have a baby any minute and that's why I'm going out to MD (sooooo excited). Because she's about to pop I got caught up in sewing tiny little baby things to take with me (combine that with the packing) you can see how the photo never got scanned in.

Any way I'm sorry. Don't give up on me when I get back in a week I promise I will get the photo scanned and I'll also have lots of teeny tiny baby photos to share.

Interesting side note all of the women I know who are pregnant right now (and it's a lot) are due at the same time. How crazy is that? They don't even know each other. They all know me so I feel like I have weird baby mojo. Watch out if you make me mad I'll rub my baby mojo on you!!!!!

I'll see you in a week. Here are some photos of a baby to tide you over until I get back.

This is my Sweet T. She's playing with our barn on
the "Farm House" quilt I made. How cute!!

She is not my baby (technically). Look
How good she is while I sew baby things!!

Friday, July 13, 2012


After a grueling morning of eating cereal and playing with Dad's iPad there really isn't a better way to unwind then with a group yoga session.  As you can see he's really quite good for a three year old, and having him right beside me is in nooooo way distracting.

I also find that having a dog "right there" to be very helpful.

"Downward facing dog" Ranger's got that covered.
"Plank" hey I don't look so bad in this one!
I use the "pocket yoga" app in case you were curious.

*This is not intended to start a discussion on yoga I just wanted to show you how cute my three year old is. Incidentally yoga really helps my back and helps with stretching (I am not good at stretching). I don't do any of the "weird" stuff and if they ask me to meditate or empty my mind I just pray for a good day or pray that my very pregnant sister and her unborn child are safe.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


 It's hot here. I mean it's really really hot. I'm not one for on-line complaining but this is serious people. I have been thanking God for my air conditioning, seriously in my prayer time! Those of you from down south can keep your "It's always this hot in Texas..." to yourselves. Yes I know it's hot in the south that's why it's the south (or I guess geography or something). Anyway, I figure the summers in Texas and Florida and the like winters in Michigan; you spend most of your time indoors. But our summers in Michigan are suppose to be... summer... you know we get to go outside for a few way too short months.  But I am not going outside or walking the dog when it's 104 degrees, whew!
This is my favorite picture! Isn't he hilarious?

It's so bad the animals look miserable. The birds have their beaks open and are panting and the squirrels... oh the squirrels. I took some pictures to show you because it's hilarious (in a sad way of course). They just lay around all spread out looking awful. I felt so bad I took them out a bowl of water, I almost added ice but decided they'd either think that was too fancy or too freaky.

I've heard the heat wave is suppose to break Sunday. I hope so because it's a desert here. Our grass is totally dead and my flowers are barely hanging on. I have however figured out a way for us to fix the problem. Ladies it's time to get out your....

MOPS!! That's sure to bring the rain, works every time!! I hope your staying cool or swimming or eating buckets of ice cream. I get to go to the Lake Monday so I'm stoked and yesterday we spent most of the day at a friends pool. Those things are luxuries I am so grateful for. The poor squirrels have no pools or air conditioning (shakes head sadly) enjoy yours if you've got it.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Well it's done. I mean it's as done as a room can ever truly be. I'd like to maybe add a dog bed for Ranger in one of the corners and probably a different slightly more comfy chair for Brian and others to sit in while visiting. But you get the idea. I wish you could know how happy this room makes me. When I walk in I just smile and feel all giddy inside. It took awhile to paint and to move into it because I forced myself to really organize and throw things out as I moved in (so glad I did even though I was getting antsy to be moved in). Even though that was exhausting it was still so fun! I haven't gotten to decorate like that in a while and oh it just felt so good to nest. And to be nesting in a room that is so ripe with possibilities!!!!! I can't say how grateful I am to my Brian for willingly giving me this space. Truly being supported like this is such a gift, I hope I can pay him back someday (with a finished published novel perhaps).

The following pictures do not do it justice (the blue seems weird and you don't get the full effect). I probably need a fancy camera and special lens but this is the best I can do.

My ironing board set up and not in my kitchen, Huzzah!!

My "new" sewing desk, new machine, and new chair.

I bought this old machine and table at the "Bible Thrift Shop"
it was in terrible shape so I sanded and refinished it.

My dress form, Gerti.
My book shelf. I wish you could see the
mason jars filled with buttons and trims better
it's really cute!

I made the valances from super expensive "sewing"
themed fabric (that's why there valances and not curtains).

This is the view from my sewing machine.
Do you see my bird friend?
Now this sewing room is just amazing. Completely on steroids and so wonderful I could just stare at the pictures over and over. Alicia's room was a great inspiration for my much smaller version.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ye Ol' Farmer's Market.

Do you ever discover something in your own community that you didn’t know was there and then you think, “How did we live without this?” I am so lucky because that just happened to me. We have a farmers market. One with eggs, cheese, produce, hormone free meat, maple syrup, bread. This place is so amazing! I hate grocery shopping but this, this is something else. It’s like living in the English country side and stopping at the market and... Well, you get the idea.

One of the things I hate most when it comes to cooking is figuring out what to feed us. And, it really bothers me that when I shop the produce most of it’s coming from Mexico and California even if it’s stuff we totally grow in Michigan, and I never actually know what’s in season since they always have everything. This solves all the problems. I go on Saturday before I’ve made my list and I buy what they have which is what’s in season and it’s so fun and inspiring I don’t have any problems filling in the rest of the grocery list.

Last week I bought free range, grass fed, hormone free blah blah blah Italian sausages. Sauteed up some peppers and onions and added spicy mustard. For desert we had rhubarb, strawberry crumble with home made ice cream (I’ve never used rhubarb before and it was so cool). It was such a simple, delicious meal. So wonderful! Any way I’m not sure how I cooked or ate before I found this delightful market. It’s quick too, even though it’s further away then the grocery store it takes me half the time to get what I need and I can chat up the vendors (one is bringing me, wait for it, raw milk to try!!!)

potatoes, eggs, zucchini, squash, onions, hamburger, bacon,
corn on the cob, maple syrup, and blueberries.
I spent $20 that seems reasonable for all that
local goodness.
What about you, do you have something awesome like this in your town? What’s your favorite thing to buy local (this week I bought something called yellow zucchini). If your in the BC area it’s the Sprinfield farmer’s market at the park (you know the one by the military base where we had the church picnic that one time).