Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving and an excuse.

Oh my goodness it's been a long time since I've blogged. Too long.  I've been suffering from a bit of feeling depressed which always leads me to not doing any thing I really want to do. That is stupid. I know from my time as a psychology major that if your depressed you should do the things you normally like to do.  But it just feels hard doesn't it?

I think it was stemming from being exhausted. That's usually what happens to me though I'm not good at figuring any of this out right away. And, thankfully, I think I turned a corner Monday. I'm still tired but We're starting to slow down a little so I think I'll be able to rest and really start enjoying the holidays. I got my decorations up and that both cheered me and made me feel good because I could take it off the to-do list. I also spent some really good time Christmas shopping and hanging out with my best friend and really that's almost always what the doctor ordered (by doctor I mean a combination of my mom and the google search engine).

So here we are in the midst of the holidays and I love this time of year. I just love it. Though I tend to gloss over Thanksgiving and sort of consider it the "pre-Christmas" warm up. So in an endeavor to give more of a nod to our beginnings as a nation I would like to list a few of the things I am so very thankful for.

I am thankful for my husband most of all. He watches the kids, helps around the house and loves me so much. He's also very funny.
I am thankful that "Movember" is almost over and he'll have to shave off his mustache.

I am thankful for my children and they're hilarity.
I am thankful for our babysitter who watches my children so I can get away from them...

I am thankful for our house. It's warm and cozy and painted green. It has window boxes and a flower garden and great windows for growing plants inside.
I am grateful for our builder who is going to finish the basement so we'll have more room and a place to stash the kids...

I am thankful for my sisters.
I am thankful that my sisters are barely closeted nerds as I am. I am thankful that they got me into "Dr. Who". I am thankful for Dr. Who so much I won't get into it because it's embarrassing.

I am thankful for my parents.
I am thankful that my parents are still married and love each other. That they raised us well and that they love my children enough to watch them for extended periods of time...

I am thankful for my Church.
They are close when my family is far and they have taught me so much about the family of God. It's also a place with people who will, at least grudgingly, watch my children.

I am thankful for my dog.
I am thankful that because of my dog I have to walk and don't weigh more than I do. I am thankful that I can stick my freezing cold feet under him to warm them up while laying on the couch.

I am thankful for my sewing machine.
Enough said.

I am thankful for my friends. They keep me sane, listen to me ramble, hold my hand in bad times and laugh with me.
I am thankful that my friends give me reasons to leave the house and go shopping.

I am thankful for you dear readers.
Without your comments I would have given this up ages ago, and this is so therapeutic for me. It's also a great way for me to feed my narcissistic tendencies.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.