Saturday, June 30, 2012

Done Painting.

Well, I survived the week without my husband though it had it’s bumps in the road. Any single moms out there who read this; I tip my hat to you. The couple of days (and one night) we spent at camp were a comedy of errors which I won’t go into except to say I won’t be doing that again. The company was lovely but so not worth the crabby boys and terrible night’s sleep. The one thing that I was tasked to do was to tell a story that I had written for campfire. My husband is so smart he decided that the kids don’t need a sermon at ten o’clock at night they’re too tired by then and to do story telling instead to teach a lesson. Totally cool! So I wrote three of them and read the first one the night we were there. You would think a 31 year old wouldn’t be intimidated to read her own stories to a bunch of Jr. Higher’s but you would be wrong, I was SO NERVOUS. I think it went well and was glad that I did it. (I’m hoping to post the story on a neat fiction site soon so I’ll keep you posted with a link if your at all interested. It’s about night diving in the upper peninsula).

Anyway.... The rest of the week was fine. I got the painting done and have moved into the fun part of organizing and decorating (no the paint isn’t what I envisioned but yes I do like it). The kids were good and bad and normal. Friday finally arrived in a whirlwind of cleaning to make my husband glad to come home. I then showered used fancy soap and even shaved my legs. I dressed up in a new skirt and a cheery yellow top. I wanted to look good for my husband.

Now, you may be thinking “why?” Surely your husband will be scruffy and grubby after a week of camp. All true, but there is something about the rugged man that’s nice once-in-a-while especially if you haven’t seen him for a week. Besides I’m the wife of a youth minister I am prepared for all manner of things such as a shaved head, dyed hair, a weird beard etc. (This may be confusing to you non-youth-minister-husband-wives but it has been long understood that in order to get your students motivated to memorize stuff or raise money you must sacrifice your body and especially hair).

I pulled into camp and longingly searched for my dear husband and then I saw him and then... I SAW him... and then he tried to kiss me... with... a... mullet. A real one. Unfortunately his hair does that feathery 80’s thing naturally and he looked like he loved it and he kept shaking his head to feel the back flow. Um, it was uncomfortable and not really um attractive at all. I actually thought, “I shaved for this?” Not to get too personal but this a blog about real stuff you know. If you think my husband wouldn’t want me getting so personal your right. However, I know that my husband doesn’t actually read my blog and instead does computer magic and searches for his name to see if he needs to read a sentence here or there. That’s why I’ve been using the phrase “my husband”. This kills two birds; gives you a funny story to read and is a great way to punish him for not reading the blog and for having a mullet (in a truly passive aggressive fashion).

And, in case you were wondering, he’s at the barber as we speak.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Paint and Insanity.

My husband is going to be gone this week at camp. He loves camp it makes him so happy and giddy and weird. Me? Um... Not as much as him... I don't mind it, but a week is a long time to be away from home (in the not bed & breakfast sort of way) or to be at home with out him. This year it's sort of split, the boys and I are going with him for two days and then coming home because we have Tennis (five year olds "playing" tennis is about as cute as it sounds) and you know it's home and stuff.

Any way, usually when Brian is gone I like to embark on some sort of home improvement project because I'm crazy. I mean it wasn't crazy before we had kids but some how the urge to paint stuff or tear stuff out when Brian is away remained even after we had kids and I am the only parent the can rely on for the week. Weird! It seems to work out all right though.

So Brian leaving for the week necessitates a trip to Lowe's to get supplies. This year I am painting my soon to be "da da da da" sewing room! (I literally hear that sound in my head every time I think "sewing room"). I love color, it fascinates me how many shades of every color there are. I love it so much! And you would think this would lead to a joyful picking-out-paint-experience but the opposite is true. How can I decide from so many options? What if I don't like it? I swear the color on the chip is not ever the color in the can (do I look at the paint chip wrong?)! It seems like such a comittment and so much work!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! And I find the staff to be less then helpful. The lady was so "I work here so I know about paint you should prime first AND buy the expensive paint with primer..." I really didn't get a "let's build it together" feel from her.

It was so unnerving that when I came home I had a cup of coffee and TWO pieces of jell-o cake. (Oh, don't look at me like that they were small pieces!) Oh well. I did what I usually do and picked out a color that I think is what I'm looking for (a grey blue, sort of scandinavian) and then picked the one with the best name. This time it's "Adrift" from Valspar (because picking out paint makes me feel adrift). I also got the paint with primer in it because I do have a life you know, diapers to be changed and all that. So we'll see. I'll post pictures of it when it's done. My biggest fear is that it will be the same color as the basement (who needs two rooms with the same color), too dark, or the same color as my "new" sewing desk and it will blend into the wall and I won't be able to find it. Wish me luck!

I swear this is not what the little "dab" on
the can looks like. Maybe it's not
dry yet...

*As a side note I LOVE the color of my bedroom walls. I may never change them and the name of that color is "blue blood" Ooooo creepy! What are your favorite colors, or any horrifying home-imporvement stories you'd like to share?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My birthday ended up being pretty nice. Had a lovely cookout with kids running around and the food was good and I got the cutest necklace that I've been wanting from Etsy and some hanging plants. It was the type of evening where you just smile and think, "This is a good life. This moment right here is a good moment." Just lovely.

My cute yellow 1950's glasses and my "fancy" water (layer mint, ice, and lemons)


Seriously, is this not the life?

The kids table.

Just far enough away to give us some peace. Perfect.

And now the winner of the hobbit birthday pincushion!!!!! (Yes I could make that sound even more strange). 

By random number generator; number 7! That's you Holly Becker: She said, "Alfred Hitchcock! 'A lot of movies are About life, mine are a slice of cake.'. Enjoy a slice of cake today!"

We both share a love of Alfred!!! Don't you just love his movies? Get me your contact info and I'll try to have this in the mail by the end of the week.

There were some really good comments so head on over and read those if your interested. My favorite was "My favorite English thing? That's easy, Colin Firth!" I laughed but you'll have to read it to see who wrote it.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day to the two most wonderful father's in world.

My own Daddy who taught me that I was special and smart. Who gave me a love for animals and a fascination with the natural world. Daddy, you taught me that to see the beauty in the trees and plants and forest was to see the magnificence of God. That to be out in the woods can be praying. Thank you.

To my boys' Daddy who is so good with them and so patient. I am blessed beyond measure to watch you love our boys and to see what an amazing father you are. Thank you for balancing my mothering out and taking over for me when I need a "time out" (which is a lot).

I love you both in ways I can't put into words. And to all the other fathers out there (I think maybe one other one reads this blog) Happy Father's Day, may the Lord guide you in all your parenting endeavors and may those of us who are blessed by you show you how wonderful you are.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today is My Birthday.

A surprise bouquet from my mom and dad.
Is there anything more wonderful then unexpected flowers?
It's true, and I'm 31. Geesh I still feel the same as I did when I was 18 or something. How can we age so much but not feel different? I remember pondering that on some random birthday when I was like nine. I was nine but I still felt the same as eight or seven... One of the great mysteries I suppose.

Last year I was thirty so it was a big-to-do. Dinner, surprise trip, new computer, surprise party, my first successful sewing of a dress. A dress I still wear! That was a year ago and I've sewn so much since then! That's really the most amazing mile stone for this year; that I would consider myself a true sewist.
Any way last year was a big deal so this year it's pretty low key and I was trying to decide what did I really want to do and the answer was clear "go to Lake Michigan." but since it's thursday and we all have to work that's been put off until July. Second on my list is to go shopping, I'm doing that Monday. So I finally settled on throwing a small neighborhood bbq. I love entertaining and being with people and we've usually had a neighborhood picnic by now so it seemed appropriate. I like the "Hobbit" of it all. You know? How Hobbits throw a party for every one else on their birthday. So that's what I'm doing sans the presents.

It's so gorgeous. Maybe the prettiest bouquet
I've ever received!!!!
However to make it a true hobbit party I need to give away at least one present so I am going to be giving away an "English" pin cushion to one of you dear readers. English because: I'm making it from a tea tin, Tolkein was English, and it was jut the Queens Diamond Jubilee (and I was going to throw a tea party but forgot so it's getting lumped in there too). I don't have a pic of the pin cushion b/c it's not finished but it will be english with sort of a modern twist (I think) and if you don't sew you can still stick jewelry pins in it or just look at it.

Getting the party started early with "dirt cake"
So any way, in order to enter to win just leave a comment on this blog telling us what your favorite "English" thing is. Crumpets and tea? Or is Dr. Who more your style. Frankly I've got a bad case of Anglophilia right now so I'm loving it all including "Downton Abbey" and scones. Or if this is too weird for you, just leave a random comment. I'll choose a winner Monday-ish.

No I mean it's real dirt people.
Love you all, thanks for being part of this blog another year!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I'm Up To.

I just got back from a very sweet, wonderful vacation with my husband which I will post about soon. I thought in the meantime, however, you might be interested in a photo journey of what my life is like right now. 

When we got back my somewhat-wild garden had really gone insane and filled out. I love the slightly wild look and the slightly less maintenance it requires. It's strange though because there is this sweet spot where it looks great and then quickly looks a mess. We're getting close to the sweet spot now. I planted this years ago in the hopes of attracting butterflies and humming birds. I've got the butterflies finally but no humming birds as of yet. As a foot note I'm sure it's a photographer's faux paw to have your shadow in the shot but I kind of liked it.

This is my vintage reading corner. I love the chairs and the plant is a new breed of geranium. Boy do I love geraniums. 

I planted this tree when SuperH was born. It's lived and died every year. This is the most tree-like it's ever looked so I'm hoping with some tender care maybe it will finally flourish.

I got blueberry bushes for Mother's Day. So far they are alive and if all goes well I will have a berry crop in two summers. Which will be great since frozen blueberries have skyrocketed in price. What's with that?

This retro sewing table/desk was given to me by a friend. It was that weird 70's blond wood so I'm experimenting with some paint treatments. I will have a real actual sewing room soon! SQUEEL!! Believe me I will be posting about that. This desk is nearly finished then I need to paint the room and move in!!!!

This is not a joke. Last year I had a lady pull in front of my house and start browsing around because there was so much child/toddler toys in the drive way she thought we were having a yard sale. I'm not sure which one of us was more embarrassed.

And of course there's laundry. There is always laundry. Seriously if I had a maid and all she did was dishes and laundry I could accomplish three times what I do now. I'm not sure if I would actually accomplish that much more but I could... I do enjoy hanging stuff on the line. Makes me feel like a 1940's housewife and makes me think of helping my Grammy hang out her sheets when I was young. She had this brown square bucket with a lid that had millions of clothes pins. I would carry it and hand her the pins as she needed them. I loved those long summers at my Grammy and Papa's.