Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Problem With Oreos Is...

That they are so very good. Oreos may be better then any thing else in the world... Or at least a close second.

You can't just eat one, or two, or three... I can usually stop after ten because by that time my stomach really hurts.

You can dip them in milk and they're a little salty and sweet which is just the most wonderfully awful addictive combination.

I am not sure where their coco comes from even though I have done a lot of research on it.

I feel I understand what drug addicts go through. I haven't bought oreos in months possibly longer and they were on sale this week and I was weak and I bought a package. I have now bought three packages! That sounds worse then it is, but only a little.
I think this pic perfectly depicts how I feel about these delicious glorious  cookies.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Every Fine Lady Needs A Change Purse.

It's true, it's one of the hundreds of things I learned from Nancy Drew.  Nancy also taught me to call a regular purse a "hand bag" which, I think, sounds way fancier and a purse with no straps a "clutch". I also learned how to signal SOS with a flash light and the importance of hair pins in picking locks.  So you can see she was vital to my up bringing.

Any way I have had the same change purse for ten years. I like it so well that I have forgone buying certain wallets because they had built in change purses and I liked mine so much better. It is so fancy and every time I use it I feel like I stepped out of the pages of a Charlotte Bronte novel and should be wearing gloves.

See isn't it pretty? I love the clasp. It's one of those things that just makes me happy. Yes, I know it's strange that these little things make me happy. I know it's weird that I think pulling dimes and pennies out of a change purse is way more exciting then a plane old wallet pocket.  But this one is covered in needle point!

Ok, so how did I get this change purse? Was it given to me by a secret admirer? Nope, I stole it from my sister ten years ago.  Well sort of.  My sister Courtney was in China teaching and preaching (did you know I had a sister that used to live in China? Isn't that just so cool? I've made it all the way to exotic Maine...) Where was I again? Oh yea, so my mom was cleaning or doing laundry or something and found it laying around and thought it was mine so when I got home from college one weekend I found it on a pile of clean clothes (thanks for doing my laundry mom).  Now don't go thinking I was all innocent I totally knew it was Courtney's but she was in China, I was pretty sure she never used it and I really liked it, had a few pennies that could go in it and, finally, I was pretty sure she wouldn't mind me "borrowing" it.

And, I've used it faithfully ever since until a few months ago while in the midst of grocery shopping the clasp broke off! I actually cried out (which totally freaked out a couple of our high school girls who were with me).  I continued to use it but every time I opened my purse (I mean hand bag) all my change was rolling around the bottom.  Finally, I had to admit it was no longer doing it's job so I began a search for a new change purse. A normal person wouldn't have to look that hard but before I could relegate my old faithful stolen friend to the toy box I had to find a suitable replacement. I found this one at Your Local Yarn Shop here in town. It's cute unique and very useful but it's doesn't have those cool little clasps just a zipper.

Farewell vintage change purse I will miss you...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I like To Torture Myself.

It may be an oldest child thing but when I decide that I am going to do something I will do it and do it and do it no matter how hard, stupid and frustrating it is. If I get an idea in my mind then I will continue to bash my head against the wall until that thing is done. This is both good and bad. It's the reason I can make really good yeast bread including cinnamon and pie crusts, it's the reason I can crochet, and it's the reason my oldest son is potty trained. However, it's also the reason I have tons and tons of jewelry making supplies that I no longer use, the reason my relationships in college suffered because school work consumed me, and the reason that I am 30 pounds over weight (see yeast breads and pie crusts).

I love Alicia Paulson. She is so talented owns a corgi dog and creates patterns and kits that make me drool. I own both her books. Her latest book Embroidery Companion Classic Designs For Modern Living, has a skirt on the cover that I fell in love with. I have had semi-good luck with sewing skirts for myself (zero luck with tops, and dresses) so I got it into my head that I must make myself this skirt...

Well First you have to create the pattern sew the skirt and then embroider the design on it. My first attempt was such a horrible miserable failure and waist of fabric that I should have stopped there, given up and gone about my life recovering the hours I had already put in. But no, that would go against every fiber in my crazy body. So I found some better fabric started again and put in a lot more time. This skirt turned out relatively well, after several bumps in the road (it was way to big and I had to, gradually and carefully so as not to ruin it, take it in). I am pleased with it. It's far from perfect and not as flattering as I would like but it's pretty, warm and soft and after finding and purchasing a suitable top I think it was worth it (as I learned new skills) and definitely worth wearing.  What do you think continue learning to sew my own clothes or just stick with turtles?

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Couple of things.

This was totally an accident. Jack showed up at my house like this and I had been too lazy to get Conner dressed. How cute is that?!

This is what happens when you have an older sister and your baby sitter has no daughters.

And this is what happens when you have an amazing local sewing shop in your town. I got the pattern at Sew Unique and am excited to make all sorts of little turtles. This one turned out well for my first go at it and will be given to a High School friend of mine's baby. It's name is Mushy and He's a "Fun-guy". Get it? Fungi because of the mushrooms... Hello, any one out there?

I bought the mushroom fabric from Super Buzzy Bee a year ago and am so happy to finally have a reason to use some of it.

What do you think of the little turtle? Does it actually look like a turtle because that's always my concern with hand-made things. You can be honest or you can just give me lots of compliments I'll take those too.  Have a great sunny day!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Better Homes and Garden's Special Valentine's Edition.

   Are they High on love or fumes from staining the entire house; walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture one color in a poorly ventilated space? I tend to think they were already high on love because the color begs the question why.  Perhaps we'll never know...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Gifts and Interests

As a mother we have to encourage our children's individual gifts and interests to flourish.  This is what I found Conner doing this morning.
It's a bit blurry, he was moving a lot.

So I turned it on for him and shortened the wand to make it easier.

The he disappeared for a minute and I thought, "oh well, that was nice while it lasted." But, then he reemerged wearing this construction hat. Why the hat? I'm not sure, but I can just see him mid dust bunny thinking; "Wait a minute I know what will totally make this awesome. This is going to take vacuuming to an entirely new level!" and running to rummage around in his brother's room for the perfect vacuuming accessory.

All I know is, this makes me happy. Oh. So. Very Very Happy.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

National Make Something For Yourself Month.

I am declaring the next thirty days, make something for yourself month. I meant for make something for you self month to be in January but I got busy so now it's February; show yourself some love this month.

The thought behind it is as a crafter, baker, whatever-er is you spend almost all of the fall and Christmas time making gifts for other people. That is great and so very special, as I've pointed out numerous times in the past, but I find that if I go too long with out making something for myself to enjoy I stop enjoying the craft altogether.  Maybe that sounds selfish, but sometimes you need something physical to remind you what you can do, how much you've improved and how nice handmade things can be. If you give away every single thing you make then you don't have those physical reminders and if your the type of person that likes home made items then it will make you a happier person to have handmade items in your house and on your person.

With that in mind pick up those needles, go to the fabric store and look through books for inspiration. Sweet talk your husband into watching the kids for a saturday so you can finally finish that project you've been dreaming about for yourself. Your not allowed to feel guilty about spending time for yourself making something for yourself because I have made it a national half a month thing. I am requiring that you do this for yourself. What better way to spend a dull winter's day then with cheerful yarns and fabrics?

Sorry about my face getting in the way of this picture!
Any way the head band and flower are both crocheted and then
I hot glued a button on to the middle of the flower.

I made this headband, and am working on a skirt (the skirt has become a crazy thing I'll tell you about it when I'm done). I suggest you do something equally as fun.  And if you are not a crafter, bake your favorite thing for you and if you are not a crafter or baker then I suggest you take yourself out to your favorite restaurant or buy yourself something pretty.

Have Fun!