Monday, March 26, 2007

My Husband

My poor husband, last night I came down with the flu which means that not only was he awoken four times through out the night but that today he was in charge of the baby, and me. He is such a good man, when I watch him with our son I just can't believe how lucky I am.

About a month ago in church Brian was in charge of prayer time and he asked the congregation to shout out something that they were thankful for (which didn't go as well as planned), and as loud as he could as if he was holding Hunter up for the world to see he yelled "My Son!" he looked so proud full of pure joy. I hope I remember that all of my life the way he beamed. At that moment I knew that I couldn't be richer if I had all of the money in the world.

That will probably be one of those moments. It seems like I've been having those lately, yesterday was so warm and I don't mean spring-is-finally-here-warm I mean middle of summer warm. In the evening we took Hunter out into the back yard and he and I lay on a blanket staring up at the blue sky (which I swear is not near as blue as my son's eyes) babbling to each other Brian and the dog playing catch. It's weird realizing that that was my son's first real moments outside, not all covered up being whisked from home to car. All the other places Brian and I have lived have seemed like a stop along the way, but yesterday the four of us in our back yard, it just felt like home, and like our entire lives are in front of us. Perfect; a perfect moment. And then today just a little while ago I was doing the supper dishes in my tiny little kitchen with all the windows open the evening sun drifting into the room. My baby cooing at my husband in the other room. When one of those just-before-the-storm breezes blew threw my perfect little window, and then it started raining huge summer drops of water. I took in that wonderful rain-on-hot-pavement smell, and man life is good!

I wondered right there if this was one of those times that I'll always remember, how many of these will I remember? I suppose that's why you write things down and why you thank God no matter what, because his blessings are good even when they're not constant.

Friday, March 2, 2007

I've Been Day Dreaming


It's March and it's snowing again, sigh! However, there were a couple of days this week when it was warm enough to get outside. While I was walking the dog I went past a really cute house a couple of blocks away that's for sale. It just got me day dreaming about my sister Courtney moving back to Michigan. I really do want what's best for her and her husband and if they move to Maryland I'll be happy for them. But I can't help but dream about her living within walking distance. I picture myself pushing Hunter in the jogging stroller over with some fresh baked cookies for uncle Justin, or Hunter riding his tricycle me and scout coming up behind with beach towels and sunscreen to go swimming in the pool. Cool summer evening walks with my sister so we can talk and laugh. Dinners and parties, I just can't help but think about how nice it would be for Hunter to grow up with cousins close and an Aunt and Uncle to spend the night with.

Hunter's doing better and better with the spoon feeding. I read up on it online and found out I'm bending the rules a little by adding apple sauce but oh well. Brian is gone for the weekend which always leaves me feeling weird, like I'm a little lost with out him. My friend Megan is coming to stay with me so I won't be alone which is super comforting especially if something were to happen, but it's not the same as my husband. I used to almost look forward to being home alone every once in a while. I could do what I wanted, eat when and what I wanted do super cleaning and organizing, but now with a baby it's different. Any way what I was going to say was that since Brian won't be getting up with him for the next couple of days I think this would be a perfect time for Hunter to finally sleep through the night, or at least longer then he has been.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Boy Who Loves Me

Well I know it's been a while but the computer always seems to be with Brian when I have the spare moments and home when I'm busy. I'm not sure what I've talked about recently if I repeat myself excuse me.

Hunter does this thing now that is just so darn endearing that I sometimes lay in bed at night and smile just thinking about it. When any one is holding him and I walk by he leans out of there arms and towards me. If I don't take him right away he'll give this really cute smile like "mom I'm over here come on pick me up I like you more then any one else" and if I keep ignoring him then he'll do this very pathetic pouty lip fake cry that just melts my heart. Brian's a good sport and just laughs, he thinks it's funny and I know that there will soon come a day when Hunter will think of Brian as the coolest person in the world and I'll just be the mom who he sees all the time. So I'm enjoying this adoration while it's there.

Hunter has gone from an hour of pre-nap crying to forty five minutes to thirty to ten to now he doesn't cry at all. I change his diaper read him a story and then put him down. Sometimes he'll talk to himself for a while but he falls right to sleep and doesn't fight me. I know it's silly but I know that this is the one thing that I taught him or trained him to do my self. And if I can do this then I feel like I'll be able to handle all the parenting things that come along (at least pre-teen). I mean it's stupid that something as simple as nap time can make me feel like I am a mom and I'm not such a disaster, like "this is my boy I am his mother, no one else is, and no one can take it from me."

Because of this new found confidence I decided to start training him to eat cereal with a spoon. I just can't keep up with the feedings, every hour and a half now. He doesn't love the taste so I've been mixing it with a little no sugar added applesauce. The first couple of times were so messy!! I had cereal all over my robe, hair and face (he's just discovered lips and faces and is always patting my cheeks; isn't that the most adorable thing you've ever heard) he had it on his eye lids, clothes, hands, up his nose, it was crazy. And of course when I would put him in his high chair he acted like it was made out of pins or hot coals so I had to hold him and try my best to feed him with one hand. He's gotten better with the chair and we're both getting better at it so things are a little less messy. The first time I'm not sure if any of it got into his stomach at all, I'm pretty confident that some of it is getting into his gullet now. My biggest question is how much should I feed him, he's pretty good at letting me know when he's full but sometimes we finish and he hasn't told me he's done yet. I guess I should make more and see what happens. Also how many times a day do you do it? I've been feeding him twice a day, I mean I don't want to over load his system. Any suggestions?

Well, we're still waiting for that sleep through the night thing to happen but I do feel like I've gotten a lot of my energy back so that's good.