Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So apparently once warm weather hits it is impossible for me to actually get any blogging done.  I am too busy at the beach, on vacations, weeding the flower beds.  Things I am not too busy doing; laundry (well I just hate doing laundry), mopping the floors (what's the point they'll just get dirty again), cooking (it's too hot to turn on the stove or oven), scrubbing the toilet (am I the only person in this house that knows how to scrub a toilet?) and dusting (I only dust twice a year whether it needs it or not!).  I do have big plans to take you all on a picture journey to and through Maine but I'm not sure I have the time to do that before the kids wake up so today I thought I would just catch you up on the bazillion crafts I have finished this spring/summer.  Don't be too amazed the following pictures are covering several months although I do feel semi-productive in this area.

I made this tea pot shaped birthday cake covered in fondant flowers for my friend and neighbor's daughters first birthday.  I don't think Isla ate the entire thing but it felt good to finally make this cake I've had the recipe card for it since I first got married it came as a freebie in the mail.

This is a mini diaper bag that I made for my dear friend Beki.  It was made out of a decor weight children's fabric with vintage space ships and astronauts.  It has an attached changing pad that unfolds from the side.  The bag is designed for a quick trip to the store or coffee shop.  I filled it with post baby essentials such as gift cards for take out and lanolin.

Did I talk about this dress already?  Well it turned out fine took too much time and looks awful on me.  Before you begin your "Oh your probably just being picky" stop because it does but it looks really cute on one of my coffee club girls so I have a few minor alterations to make and it will be all hers.  I'm just relieved some one will be able to get use out of it makes it feel like it's not a waste .
This adorable little fly away jacket is made out of a super light super soft children's fabric covered in a three little pigs motif.  I made the trim myself and you can't really see the closure is a pewter pig I found at my local yarn shop.  I will make this jacket again it turned out so well and was so simple.  I am currently making a blue checked romper to go underneath and am almost finished with that.

This shirt I made for myself from the Book "Weekend Sewing" which has a huge variety of really nice projects.  I got the fabric for super cheap from Fields of Fabrics in Kalamazoo.  The cool thing about this fabric is that it's a linen blend and I love linen but it's really expensive; I got this for $3 a yard!!

Also I had just bought this camisole without any thing to wear it with and it matches perfectly.  I was very pleased with how the shirt turned out and while it's not perfect I was pretty happy with the sleeves especially.  The unfortunate thing with the shirt is that it has been way too warm to wear so it's waiting for autumn I suppose.  Also I think this pattern would make a great light weight summer shirt if made in a nice cotton fabric.

Remember the Eighty Granny Squares I made earlier this year?  Well this is what they turned into and I'm quite happy with the finished product and with the fact that I actually followed through and finished this baby blanket I've always had a knack for getting super excited about a project taking on way too much and not finishing (I'm sure this says something bad about me but in this case I finished and I'm so glad)  I even "blocked" the thing although I don't think it made much of a difference so I probably won't do that again.  The blanket was for my new nephew Eli and has tons of colors but the predominate ones are blues and greens because his nursery is oceany.  Also notice the crochet hook case, I made that to keep all my sewing things organized while traveling, I love the bird fabric and have used it in several different things.


Beki said...

All awesome projects! The blanket is especially impressive since it's your first big crochet project! I love the shirt too - very pretty fabric.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great on here Jess! His blanket really is so special :) Awesome blog!Heather