Friday, August 27, 2010

Would you like to sew an easy apron?

Well then I have the project for you.  In fact I almost hesitate to share this with you because it is so simple that you will start to question all of my "hand made" gifts.  Sometimes, however it's nice to have a project that isn't the marrying kind of commitment but just a summer fling or evening flirtation.  What I mean to say is sometimes I'm in the mood to create but I want simple, fast and minimal clean up.  So if you are in need of a project like that or are new to sewing this will be perfect.

Find a dish towel.  Yes, a dish towel, one that is already made and one that you like a lot.  Twos Company sells really cute ones but they're just a little too expensive to buy to fill my washing and drying needs but not too expensive to turn into super cute aprons so that is why I came up with this idea.  I mean I could cut and applique and embroider the perfect dish towel but why should I if it's already been done?  Any way this particular apron is made from a Twos Company towel as a gift for one of my coffee girls graduation present (perfect right?).  Then go to the fabric store or your stash (if your lucky enough to have the space for one) and get a yard or so of a coordinating fabric preferably in a cotton.  This next step is my least favorite because by now I'm really antsy to get started but you MUST wash your dish towel and fabric before you sew or all your hard work will be for nothing (imagine the different pieces shrinking and tearing when you wash them after spilling chocolate milk on your apron for the first time because that will happen eventually; the spilling I mean).

Next get out your ruler or tape measure and shears (I have no idea how to spell scissors so I'm going with the Granny term shears) and measure across the width of your apron (the part that will be the apron waist) add two inches onto that measurement, this will be the measurement for the width of your fabric for your waist band.  Then decide how tall you want your waist band to be, I like mine pretty tall say six inches, then double that and add on two inches (so 14 inches in my case).  Your measurements will make a rectangle on your fabric cut out this rectangle and fold it in half down (so that the waist band is now longer then it is tall or in my case 12 inches by 7 inches, this fold will sandwich the top of the dish towel).  Open up your waist band and fold each raw end in one inch and iron (this way when you go to sandwich the towel all the raw ends will be folded under).

Next cut your apron ties from what's left of your fabric.  Decide how long you want them and then make them about six inches wide.  Cut two.  Iron them in half, folded down so that they are now three inches wide, with right sides (the pretty side) facing.  Sew along the long edge 1/4 inch away from edge and then turn and sew down one short side.  Turn right side out.

Finally sandwich your dish towel in your waist band and pin in place. Then put the ends of your apron ties (the unsewn end) in each end of the waist band and pin in place.  Sew 1/4 inch all the way around the three sides (short side, long side being sure your catching the towel, and short side).  And voila you now have a finished apron.  And I promise it's easy, if my directions are rambling and confusing just use your common sense.  If you try this and have a question for goodness sakes Face Book me or leave a comment here.
this was so fun and easy I felt guilty plus I wanted to use my new book "An Embroidery Companion" so I cross stitched the student's first initial into the waist band before I sewed it to the dish towel.

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Courters said...

Jess the apron is so cute!! I'm sure she will love it.
Have a great day :)