Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vintage Finds.

Today was the second official day of me hunting for vintage patterns, notions, etc. Last week B and I went together to all the thrift shops in Battle Creek and came up relatively empty handed.  Today I went to Marshall to try my luck in the antique shops there and I did indeed have some luck! I found some patterns and notions that were really cheap so I'm excited about that. Still haven't discovered that amazing fabric yet or the pattern I have in my mind for what I want my Easter dress to look like but at least today I had some luck and as one elderly shop owner said to me, "you may have to make due with what you've got." such wisdom if only it were that easy for me to let go of my "vision".  What I'm looking for is a simple dress from the 40's but everything I find on line is for a much smaller bust then mine (apparently 32 is or was the average bust size which is, alas, a bit smaller then me.)

This is what I did find:
The bottom right corner cost me $2.50 and came in it's original mail order envelope.
It came from a pattern company in Grand Rapids.

This pattern is actually close to my bust size. I love the blue!!

Oh my! So Wonderful Kind of looks like red dress is doing the "Call me" sign with her hands.

Lace was $3 for 4 yards, the iron on farm animals (sorry didn't realize they weren't really in the pic) was $1

But this was the most wonderful find!!! $3 for this original pearl buckle!! Isn't the lady on the package so cute?
I am the most pleased with this find and while I'll be sad to take it away from it's packaging I can't wait
to have a genuine pearl buckle.


Courters said...

So cute. Those patterns are just as cute as the others in your blog post a few entries back.

Sweet Tater said...

cool finds. :) I love good thrift/antique finds.