Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Must Confess.

Because I am an oldest child it is in my nature to confess my short comings.

I have been such an all around lazy person I think some one should fire me.  I have not blogged and have done even less writing on my novel in weeks.  That book is not going to write itself and that lake home is not going to get bought with out said book (or a secret inheritance from a wealthy stranger I once impressed; but I'm not holding my breath over that one). I have not even down loaded the pictures of my Easter dress or the dresses of my neighbors to blog about.

I have been slowly working on a new skirt. Sew a seam stop change a diaper.  Sew a seam stop clear the table for lunch etc. But even that was halted by the disappearance of my buttonholer because of course I can't move on until I make two tiny button holes. And how much time did I waste looking for that stupid attachment anyway?

I've pretty much given up cooking real suppers for the rest of the summer. Yesterday my children had yogurt for dinner and last week I'm fairly certain they had cereal at least twice. It's just not in me to heat up the kitchen when it's warm out. And I'm pretty sure we're having french toast for dinner; maybe I'll cut up some strawberries to go with it but I'm not making any promises. I'm not really into folding clothes right now either.

Then of course last week we all had some gross stomach virus which I followed up by immediately catching a cold. If I could get rid of my children and spend the next three days in bed watching old episodes of SeaQuest DSV and eating toast, I'm pretty sure I would.

I promise I will try to get to blogging about all of my great sewing ventures soon, it's just so far to the camera and then I have to find the plug thing to hook the camera into the computer...

So to sum up I am lazy, a little crabby, stuffy and would like to be fired.


Susie M Finkbeiner said...

I've been there...a lot! You'll get back to yourself soon! Love you!

Jessie said...

Thank's Susie. You're are a great encouragement.

Amelia said...

Hope you're all feeling better soon! I like your idea of not cooking all summer long. I think I'm going to brainstorm how I can make that work!!

Sweet Tater said...

I know all about the laziness...odd but I've been going through that, too lately. Hmm...wonder if it's a holdover from when we were kids and we knew school was going to get out soon, so we all just pretty much stopped. :) I have only about seven sewing projects I need to be working, but no...I'm stuck (frozen) behind the computer puttering away writing stories. (When I'm not chasing children...) And don't get me started on supper. I'm soooo glad I got my husband a grill for early Father's Day. Wasn't that NICE of me? LOL