Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Long Awaited Birthday Post.

Ok so a couple of weeks ago I turned thirty. THIRTY!!!????? How did that happen, and when might I ask? Because I sure don't feel thirty... Or maybe I do what's thirty suppose to feel like any way? I mean I mostly feel the same as I did when I turned twelve. I know that's weird but I remember turning twelve and it just seems like that is how I feel always (Except my mom face is way better now, I can stop a jr. higher in their tracks).

My entire year of being twenty-nine was fine. I really thought I didn't care about my age at all and really thirty was so far away but then suddenly I realized I was going to be thirty in a week and I totally freaked! I didn't want to be old, on top of which I hadn't planned any thing special. I guess I might as well tell you I'm a birthday freak. I love birthdays they are your special day. When my husband says of them "who cares it's just another day?" I don't just climb, I jump up on my soap box and wax on and on about celebrating your birth and all you've given to the world etc. I feel that on your birthday you eat what you want, go where you want, do what you want and don't change any poopy diapers at all! Presents rock, I know it may sound super artificial of me but I love presents.  I plan what I'm going to do on my day almost as soon as Christmas is over and then I don't risk testing my husband like some women do I give him a countdown starting like a month before hand.

Except this year, because somehow it snuck up on me. Then I thought I didn't care but it turned out I did care (a lot). So I cried and felt bad for myself, and wondered why I didn't plan any thing. I mean you can't let thirty just slip by can you? I said, CAN YOU????

Oh my! Well my mom and sister ended up coming up and even though they could only stay for a couple of days we worked it out to go to a really nice restaurant in Kalamazoo. Which is good because I had made myself a birthday dress, only to realize I had nowhere to wear it (one of the reasons I cried, "Am I just going to wear this stupid dress to Culvers on my thirtieth birthday?! Sniff sniff.") FYI I am really proud of the dress it's the best thing I've ever made and it actually looks good on me. Now I want to remake my Easter dress because this one is so much better.

Early in the day my dear friend and neighbor Jen brought lunch over from our favorite local bakery, Continental and a really thoughtful gift. She bought me a pattern I've had my eye on at this fancy fabric shop in town. I was so excited because it's one of those things you really want but have a hard time spending the money on and it was so thoughtful.  Also dear Beki got me gift certificate for the same shop so now I can get fabric to make the pattern! How serendipitous! Then B, mom and Heather and Meg and her boyfriend went out to a really nice dinner at a place called Rustica. It is AMAZING. I would totally recommend it. Great food really nice atmosphere. It's pricey (about $20 a plate) but worthy of a special occasion.  So I ended up having a really nice day. Did I mention Brian bought me a new lap top b/c he was trying to win our gift giving contest and last year I got him an IPAD? Yea, I lost!!
I actually enjoyed the process of making this dress and
couldn't believe how well it turned out.

The dress pattern was a splurge, Crepe from Colette Patterns
and totally worth every penny.

My mom, me and my baby sister, Heather.

 However, when I got up the next morning and was checking my face book on my new laptop. I had a message from my husband to pack my bags that he was taking me away for a couple of days!!!!! I was so happy and surprised. He took me to Lake Michigan, my favorite place in the entire world.  We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast called Sherwood.  It was the most relaxing perfect trip. We walked on the beach, rode bikes, did a little shopping and junking (where I found the cutest necklace for a really good deal) swam in their heated pool (it was pretty cold while we were there so we didn't actually swim in the lake). I really like saugatuck. I think it was nicer and the beaches were bigger then South Haven even. Oh it was lovely.

Lake Michigan is my favorite place, it restores my soul.


This is my man gazing out over the water. Isn't he to die for?!

When we got home my dad was here so that was another awesome surprise. Then on the way to dinner at chili's we stopped at the church to pick up Brian's wallet he had forgotten but really it was a surprise party!!! Ok by now you must know how ridiculous I felt about whining and crying (though Brian LOVED that of course) earlier in the week. You must also realize that I am not very good at picking up on clues. No I'm not. At that point I was actually a bit overwhelmed by Brian's love and generosity. I was also sweaty, hot, disheveled and embarrassed. It was really fun so many of my family (including cousins) were there and tons of people from the church. It really showed me how much people love me and how blessed I am to have so many wonderful people in my life.  I got loads of great gifts and ate way too much and it was an all around great birthday party and birthday in general. I know that Beki, Mary, Jeannie and my mom helped Brian a lot with the planning and setting up and I hope they know how much it blessed my heart!

I hope Brian knows how much it means to me that he would go through all of this just for me (even though I know he was secretly having fun watching me be tortured the week before). That when I think of him I always think how blessed I am to have him as my husband. If one of your goals was to up the ante for my brothers-in-law and other husbands, you succeeded my dear.  I love you so much, but would love you even with out the parties, trips and laptops... To be clear the parties, trips, and laptops are really really nice and I liked them a lot they were totally awesome actually.  Thank you again.

So, turns out thirty is great. I'm really excited to see what turning forty is like! Ha Ha.

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