Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Skirt and Shorts.

So I have been sewing all summer. I'm a slow sewer because I have no permanent space for sewing so it's a lot of getting the stuff out and putting it away. A lot of sew a seam stop and change a diaper, sew a seam stop clear the table and make lunch etc. Despite that I have been doing exponentially more then ever before. The Colette pattern I used for my birthday dress really inspired me that I could make nice clothes that I would actually want to wear.
This is the pattern I used for the following
skirt and shorts. Very easy to use.

So any way I love skirts for the summer. They're so breezy and look better on me then shorts. Here is a picture of a skirt I made at the beginning of the summer. I used a home decor fabric. I love the look and feel of home decor fabrics. I realize that's weird but you get the best summer prints and I like the weight of them. If you use them beware they shrink a lot so buy a little extra.  The first thing I ever made for myself was a skirt out of home decor fabric and it's still one of my favorites.  This new skirt has pockets! Isn't that great?! They didn't show up to well in the pictures but there is this super cute inverted pleat in the pockets.

My face looks confused.

These shorts are also from the same pattern. My vision for these shorts was a more grown up version of little girl summer shorts. I bought this really cute bias tape from etsy from Polly Danger for my Easter dress but it ended up not looking right. It was, however, the perfect compliment for these shorts. I was really pleased how well they came together but remember how I warned you about shrinkage? Yea I lost so much fabric that I had to make a size smaller then I intended so they don't fit. Darn! I'm fairly certain that they'll fit next year. Instead of a gathered waist like in the pattern I made a regular waist band and added a zipper. It worked out pretty well except what I didn't take into account was that the band was made to be gathered so it fits around my waist while the butt and lower abs is waaay too tight. Which means that next year when they fit the waist will be too big. But, I'll either wear a cute belt or put in a couple of pleats.
 Did I mention I also added top stitching
in light blue?
Love the interesting pocket details.

This trim is made from vintage fabric!

Working on another dress right now and I'll let you see it when it's done. If you want to that is.

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Court said...

Cute Jess! I am currently wearing a cotton summer skirt... aren't they the best?
You are doing such a great job with all of this... I admire how you put your mind to it and do it!!
Love you!