Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Bunny Baskets.

Our Easter bunny comes on the first day of spring. Er, I mean he's suppose to but this year he wasn't prepared and the book he ordered came in way late and the kids have no idea when the first day of spring was so it worked out... right?

A while back we checked the book "Squish Rabbit" out of the library and the kids loved it. Then when I started thinking about Spring Bunny Baskets (a scosh too late I might add) I thought it was perfect (b/c it's about a rabbit) and I could make a "squish rabbit" and "squish squirrel" (his friend in the book) softee to go in the basket. 
Here is a closeup of "Squish Rabbit" from the book so you can see the similarities in the softee toy. I used a template that I found on Pinterest for both and just made up a tail and ears for the squirrel version. I drew the eyes on with permanent marker so I could get them just right.

I got the chick buckets at Good Will for $2! And filled them with the softee, a straw cup from Target (my kids love cups) and Lindt chocolate bugs. They were good. The box came with five, an odd number, so I had to eat one. I like that they get candy but not such an obscene amount especially since they'll do an egg hunt on Easter. Also I hate that stupid grass so I just skipped it.

The book was for both of them so that went in the middle, and the spider man masks wouldn't fit in the bucket. 

What a fun surprise. Hooray!

Just thought the cute candy deserved a closeup. 

I love Easter and spring and all of it. This is always a fun little project.
I hope you have a fun and blessed Easter!


Heather B said...

The bunny and squirrel look great, i love them!

meg + andy said...

Love the softies!

Katherine Battersby said...

I replied over on my blog, but thought I'd leave one here too:

Oh Jessie, that is so incredibly sweet! I’m thrilled you and your boys enjoyed Squish, and so touched that you even went to the effort of making Squishy toys. They are just gorgeous. You can tell your little one that ‘squish squirrel’ has his very own name [revealed in Brave Squish Rabbit, the second book] which is Twitch :)

Thank you so much for sending me the link to your blog.

Jessie said...

Thank you Katherine! We love good books!