Thursday, September 6, 2007

A little bit of magic

Hunter has discovered the mirror that is one of the shower doors. The bath tub is the perfect height for him to pull up and then he can look in the mirror. Yesterday I was in the bathroom reading a magazine because Hunter was having a great time sliding the doors back and forth and I was having a great time actually reading a magazine. I happened to look over just in time for him to look up and see his reflection, he smiled at it like he was meeting a long lost friend. It's this really cute wrinkle nose smile that he gives his dad when he gets home from work. So any way I thought that was so funny, the way he touches the reflection and looks from it to me like "mom have you seen this kid he is so good looking?"

Then that evening I was in my bedroom across the hall taking care of my clothes when I heard him babbling and talking to himself like crazy. He would croon and babble and then giggle like "that is so clever" I went to see what he was doing and there he was standing in the bathroom just having the best conversation with himself!

That made me think about how my reflection used to seem almost magical when I was kid. It was like my own secret friend, or a part of my self that lived in a different world and only the two of us could meet. She was always just like me but a bit more brave and tragic. While I always felt like a little kid she had a destiny to fulfill something that the human race depended on. I had to battle little sisters but she had to battle dragons and evil Lords and all sorts or mystical creatures. There were all these secret portals that brought us together; mirrors, car windows on long trips, lakes, and puddles. And even though her world was so much more exciting she couldn't conquer unless I was able to give her strength and advice from here in my own world, and that at least made me important. It's sad really that as we age we can't seem to find the magic any more, but it is exciting and beautiful watching it take flight in my son.

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Stephen & Denise said...

I love the mirror idea and remember when you would help the girl in your mirror. Its amazing how our children are so much apart of us that they even do and think some of the same things. Me, you and now Hunter all having other lives in the mirror.