Friday, September 28, 2007

Today is September 28th Hunter's First birthday!!!!!! It's hard to believe and yet here we are. It was a really nice day, perfect weather, perfect family, perfect perfect.

Brian took the day off and after Hunter's morning nap we went to the zoo. The Binder park zoo is really nice, and clean but not huge it was just the right size to see everything and come home in time for Hunter's afternoon nap. We weren't sure what to expect but his reaction was still unexpected. He took the entire thing very seriously we went on the carousel and even when he was dancing and flapping his arms his face was all business.

It's funny the two things he loved the most were the big flags that flapped in the breeze and a statue of a do do bird. He did like the animals when could get his eye on them and would wave his heart out. He loved riding on his daddy's shoulders.

Then we came home he had his nap and I baked him a chocolate cookie, his first home baked cookie which of course he loved. It was a good day (except when Ranger stole over half of the cookies I baked.)

Enjoy the pics and video!

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Kaitlinisoringinal said...

I Love the Video he just does not seem amazed at all by this thing with a long neck and long tounge. I like the picture with the chocolate all over his face it is so cute. He is going to be a messy kid. How did his Birthday party go?