Friday, December 11, 2009

"... Joseph with his espoused wife Mary being great with child..."
"Pregnant!" Ralph yelled
Well.  That stirred things up.  All the big kids began to giggle and all the little kids wanted to know what was so funny, and mother had to hammer on the floor with a black board pointer.
"That's enough, Ralph," she said and went on with the story.
"I don't think it's very nice to say Mary was pregnant," Alice whispered to me
"But she was," I pointed out.  In a way though, I agreed with her.  It sounded too ordinary .  Anybody could be pregnant.  "Great with child" sounded better for Mary.
--From The Best Christmas Pageant Ever



Don't you love that the thing about Jesus that was so extraordinary was that he came to earth in the most ordinary way?  He was born just like you and me, he grew  up, went to school, had chores... he was a man and that in and of itself is just amazing; how God could do something like that how something so big could fit into something so small and so finite.  I have several people in my life right now that are pregnant (they're not "great with child" yet but they'll get there) and it just amazes me how life begins.  One cell one tiny little cell and in only a matter of weeks a heart beat, and in only a matter of months hands and feet, it just blows my mind.  I like science and I love the study of the natural world, but I guess I just see it different then most scientists, then the evolutionists.  The more I learn about the complexities of the universe the more I am convinced their absolutely has to be a God.  Every time I felt one of my babies kick in my womb I knew beyond a doubt that there was something bigger then me out there, it was all just too amazing.  The smell of pine needles and damp earth in the woods, the pictures of the galaxies and stars from the hubble telescope it just all points to one thing, God, and man is he an artist!!!  I am glad that we're not having any more babies but I will say having people close to me "expecting" makes me miss that feeling that there is something amazing going on inside my body, the freedom that my stomach getting bigger was a good thing the anticipation and nervousness about the looming due date.  It's certainly the strangest most special thing I have ever experienced.

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