Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Continental Bakery Never disappoints

This is BEFORE the sugar rush!

So Conner's birthday party went very well, his birthday outfit was cute and received rave reviews.  The cake was adorable (although mom and I ordered it I hope it doesn't send him to therapy one day "my mom made my brother's cakes but not mine!") the circus theme was hit my sister and mom helped with the decorations it was so cute!  We had popcorn, chips, and corn dogs... and Conner ate it all, he did not disappoint with his cute cake covered face (he shoved it in and went "MMMMMM" almost shaking with glee with each bite) and has now gone on strike with baby food eating real grown up food but last night his tiny little intestinal track had had too much.  I heard him in his crib talking at four am and went in to give him his pacifier . . . Oh the horror!! The humanity!! The gut wrenching smell!!  There was poop every where; poop up his back, poop up his front, poop in his hair, poop in his bed.  And there he sits all covered in poop smiling his biggest happiest smile "hey mom isn't this great, we're both up and it's so early imagine all we can get done today!"  So daddy gave Conner a bath and I changed sheets and started laundry and wiped down walls and thought to myself "well that took care of my baby fever."  We had a good chuckle over it as we went back to bed for a couple of hours and today he took his first two steps with out support.  Steps toward childhood, independence, marriage, children of his own, but most importantly steps towards being able to use the toilet instead of his bed.  Having children is a lot of work but man it's also a lot of laughs!


Laura said...

Oh my goodness Conner!! Sounds like it was quite the mess!! And he would be smiling about it haha. And the party sounded like fun! The cake was very cute!

Courters said...

Oh man... those are the only words that come to mind...
It was so nice to be with you guys for a lil while.
I love you :)