Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some one turned one!

Yesterday was Conner's birthday and I just don't know how that happened, I mean he was just born!  Wasn't he?  I did not have a hard time with Hunter turning one (at least that I can remember) but with Conner it has been a lot harder.  I'm not sure why because I love this stage when they're moving around and getting a personality and in general just being really funny (not to mention we're finally sleeping all night most of the time).  And I was happy to ween him and be done nursing forever on our way to a diaperless existence. . . at least I thought I was until he turned one and I suddenly realized no more tiny babies and little beanies, no more of those little tiny piggy noises and baby slings.  My aunt tells me I'll get over it and I'm pretty sure she's right because I have enjoyed all the stages of mother hood, but for now I'm going to feel a little melancholy and wonder innocently how is it that I've only lost five pounds in a whole year.
we had cupcakes.

he liked them

Hunter, Maddie and I made Conner birthday cards.  Conner really appreciated them.


fullertribe said...

He is So Cute! I think that he looks like a little Who! Hope you have a great time with his party. Can't wait to see his little outfit on him.

beco butterfly said...

You can relive your childhood again with your kids.

beco butterfly said...

Watch out for the First step that your child takes and the first word that he utters as this is as valuabel as any treasure.