Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas?

Well yes it is... However, if you like to make at least some of your gifts then it is an unfortunate necessity or you will be stuck in November trying to make a million things and not enjoying any of it.  This I have learned from several years of doing just that.  Of course I not only think I can make every one I know right down to the mail lady a home made gift I wait until it's snowing and I feel like it but then I'm swamped with all the other christmasy things one has to do during that time including but not limited to; baking lots and lots of yummy treats, shopping, going to special christmas events, the light walk, being too excited to sleep, being too tired to stay awake and getting fat.  So this year I have made a real effort to get things going, my first goal was to finish one project a week which has turned into finishing one project every two weeks.  Also I am trying to remind myself that I probably won't get it all done and it's better to enjoy the time making the gift then make something under so much stress I can't stand it.  I'm also making a real effort to make at least one gift for each of my children, they always seem to get left out and while I know they won't appreciate it that much I'm hoping they will eventually.

I have finished, an octopus an elephant a pair of gloves and half a scarf.  GO ME!!! I have to paint the garage and house so things may slow down a bit but I'm really going to try.

In that same vain here are some things I would like for Christmas.  Last year I didn't really want any thing but this year I do and I'm cool with that.

(I did not even know they came in this amazing color)

I would like a pair of Converse All Star High Tops.  In either Red or Green.  I know that's weird but I've wanted a pair since Jr. High and apparently it was not a passing fad for me because I still want a pair and they now sell them at Target.  Also Chuck wears them and I love Chuck he would be my number two pick for husbands after Brian.

I would like a dishwasher.  Now that we've had our house rewired (praise the Lord and Gonzales Electric) I want a dishwasher. It has to be small and will require removing some shelves but I am so sick and tired of doing dishes plus the hot hot water of a dish washer will kill more germs then what my wimpy hands can handle.

I would like a used sturdy computer Armoire so that I can antique it, have Megan paint birds on it and change it into my sewing station. That way my sewing machine will always be set up but I can close the doors on the mess; can I get a hallelujah?!

I would like a gift card to Mod Cloth to buy a dress

I would like a gift card to Super Buzzy Bee to buy awesomely cool fabric or Colette Patterns to buy an awesomely cool pattern and time to sew.

How about you, what do you want for Christmas?  I know it seems early but it's never to early to start dreaming and giving hints to your husband.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jessie, of course it is not too early to be thinking about Christmas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'd better get busy. I enjoy making gift items as well. For me...I "plan" to do a lot less than I used to in getting ready for Christmas. I hate being super stressed and missing out on the simple joys. There will be some stress, but I don't enjoy super stress...you know, like without a second to spare. This year, I would like to (notice I said "I would like to" instead of "I plan to"...you see, less stress already) attend some Christmasy celebrations in places other than our church. School concerts, other churches Christmas productions, community celebrations, etc. I especially like the emphasis the Catholic churches put on Jesus birth. The Christmas Eve mass is pretty cool (the ones I have been to). Maybe...just maybe, if I can find one, I would love to be a part of a sing-along Handel's Messiah choir. I even have my own choir book! Anyway, even though I have to work Christmas Day this year, it's okay. We can still celebrate Christmas. Luv U, Jessie ;D

Jessie said...

Uug you have to work on Christmas!!! Well if it gives you comfort Christmas Eve is really my favorite part of the holiday, and really the entire season is great. If you don't mind me asking; who are you anonymous? We must know each other I can't think of who I know and love that has to work on Christmas.

Beki said...

I was just thinking of Christmas this week too! I want to make a lot of things, but I just don't know if I'll have the energy this year.

I would also like a gift card to Modcloth! Although, my "love it" list probably adds up to $5000 by now!!

Jessie said...

Hey no one said "Love It" would come cheap. Yea in new baby years I have traditionaly done nothing including a tree and that is all right b/c if I were you I would not be able to do any thing because I would just be oogling Jack all day long!!

Also I remembered that I really want the Fire Fly Sound Track.