Friday, September 24, 2010

My House Is Green!

Wait a minute it's not "green" it's Green.  I mean it's not completely environmentally friendly or built into a tree.  I do not have solar panels on my roof or any thing like that (which if we did we would have to cut down all our trees so how is that helpful to the environment?) although I do recycle and I occasionally hang my clothes out on the line and I do spend an awful lot of time wondering around behind the children and husband turning off lights.  But, what I meant was last week my dad and I painted my house from a very faded yellow to green.

Our garage really needed a paint job and even though the cheery yellow is what drew me to this home in the first place I was ready for a change and you wouldn't paint the garage but not the house because then they wouldn't match and that would be weird.  Picking out a color is so stressful to me because once you decide on a color, which is a big commitment, there are hundreds of shades to choose from!! It really gets to me so once I get it narrowed down to two or three I usually pick the one with the coolest name (I once painted a bedroom "Ruby Slippers" red).  And my husband had the great idea to fly my dad here to help.  My dad is an expert painter that's how he put food on the table many a summer while he was teaching (one of the best summers I had in college was the one where I worked for and with him painting a lake house) and you can now fly straight from Baltimore National Air port to Grand Rapids with no lay overs!! The ticket was cheap and it was way cheaper then hiring some one to paint the house plus he did a way better job.

Let me just say I would never have finished the project with out him!! He is an incredibly fast and hard worker.  Plus he did things I never would have done involving goo and special guns and tools.  Not only did we finish the house and garage while he was here for an extended weekend I also feel like our house is way more conditioned and weather proofed then it ever was.  Honestly, though, the best part of this entire project wasn't getting a house that looks totally different (which is nice) but was spending all that time together.  I mean I'm glad it's over and we definitely lost steam as the week went on but I don't get to be with my dad very much any more and we've always worked together very well.  Thank you Dad for being totally AWESOME, for doing so much work (people, I paid him in pies and home made ice cream that's probably illegal) and for loving me so much.  I love you but I doubt you could know how much.

Oh, one last thing; I don't understand how he can be such a clean painter.  When I am finished I have paint in my hair, on my shirt, all over my hands and on my butt from where I accidentally leaned over and stuck it to the side.  He has hardly a drop on him! I dumped over an almost full can of paint and then when I was washing out the yard I sprayed the side we had just finished causing the paint to run off!  Just letting you all know so that you see I am still me even though my house is green and so you don't all come ask me to help paint your homes.

doesn't the color look good with my gardens?  I used Valspar "Homestead Resort Olive" and cream for the trim.

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