Friday, March 25, 2011

I've Been Dreaming About It Again...

No not those kinds of dreams silly.  I've been dreaming about dress patterns and fabric again and hair styles.  How weird am I? Wait, you don't have to answer that I'm simply quirky and charming.  Ok, the problem is, Hunter has been watching old Super Man cartoons from the 1940's pretty much non-stop, at the same time I have been discovering some amazing sewing and sewing vintage websites and blogs (I did not even know these kinds of things existed! The World Wide Web can be so amazing!) and Brian, knowing how much I love cheesy comic book movies (it's so true), keeps showing me Captain America Trailers, all this adds up to me being obsessed with the clothing and look of the 1940's (Lois Lane is a really snappy dresser) and with me wanting to sew them my self (well I mean how else do you get garments with these specifications unless your going to pay $$$$).
This is my favorite so far I love the green and the two tone shoes!!!

Why oh why do these things happen to me? Remember my last attempt to sew myself a dress it did not end well... But I also remember a time when I wanted to learn to french braid my own hair and I spent hours in front of my mirror screaming at myself (I was in Jr. High) however, I can now french braid my hair... So the question is; is it worth trying and trying and trying until I can make my own clothes (from old patterns and using vintage and reclaimed fabrics)?  Remember I have to set every thing up on my table and it's always in the way and a pain and I'm a little on the chubby side and my poor poor husband must get so sick of this weird hobby of mine and having to see my sewing machine balanced on the back of the couch while we eat dinner.  On the other hand it would be good for the environment and could cost less if I find those elusive places where you buy old fabric and notions (like I keep reading about on line). Brian has strange hobbies that include video games and he's never once complained about the sewing. I wouldn't have to worry about slave labor involved in the things I make. I love a more vintage look... And the biggest bonus? I will have to go junking junking junking to find patterns (which I will now have to collect) and fabric and notions etc. YEA SHOPPING!
This is actually from the 1930's but I'm LOVING it!
I will have to junking eh? (In case your wondering junking is our term for antiquing b/c we like to go to junky antique shops and look for treasures).  I think it may be worth it! Who wants to go junking with me, and soon, I have an itch that must be scratched?!

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Susie M Finkbeiner said...

I want to go junking! I love those dresses! Women really knew how to be classy back then.

Ouch! Those dresses are sharp!