Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Baby is Two Years Old Today.

Sigh, two years old.  How is that even possible where did all that time go? When did you look like an old man alien?

This is Conner at his first birthday (like, yesterday right?)
Before we lost his curls.
No, it isn't possible that he's two.

Ode To Conner

My Youngest child
I do love you.
When You came into this world
No epidural It's true!
I would not do that again, for sure
But, it was worth it to get to you.
You are so funny my grumps you cure.
Every day more and more I love you.


Heather B said...

Conner Shaw, Conner Shaw, Cutest little baby that i ever saw!

Stephen & Denise said...

Nannie loves Conner yes it's true
Nannie thinks Conner is so cute
Nannie would love to kiss his toes
Nannie thinks he has the cutest nose

Happy Birthday Conner. I love and miss you and can't believe you are two. Sweetest two year old I know.

fullertribe said...

Happy Birthday Conner!!! He has to come to Gabe's birthday party so that he can wear that cool Toy Story outfit. We are having a Toy Story dress up party for Gabe this year!!! :) It's going to April 9th from 2:00 to 4:00 at our Church in Vicksburg if you guys are interested in coming let me know and I will get you directions. Lots of Fun! My baby is going to be 6!!!! Now that's some time flying by.

Courters said...

Happy Birthday little Conner. How did you get so big so fast? Eli is so lucky to have a cousin so close in age... Soon you will be great friends!
Love Aunt Courtney