Thursday, August 18, 2011

What I Wore.

So, no new clothes is turning out to be wonderfully fun so far. I realize the newness hasn't worn off and I haven't had to go searching for difficult things like sweaters or jeans yet but what I have found as been great!

I've been snagging all kinds of goodies when I go junking (antiquing with my mom and sisters and Megan mostly) I don't' know if it's because I'm on the look out for clothing and accessories at these places and I never was before or if the stars have just aligned but I've been having a ton of luck.

Buzz Jammies: Once Upon a Child, $3.
Where Worn: Every where including VBS.

The boys aren't included in the challenge but because I'm thinking second hand now I decided to check out Once Upon a Child here in town because Conster really needed pj's. The store is a little too crowded but we bought four pairs of pajamas most of which looked brand new including this buzz light year set. SuperH already had a pair and they were absolutely thrilled to have matching pj's they even wore them to twin day at VBS.

Dress: Made by Me.
Bracelets: Vintage from antique shop in MD.
Head Scarf: Vintage from antique shop in MD.
Sun Glasses: Kate Spade, gift for my 30th birthday.
Where Worn: Out to dinner and groceries with the boys and then a movie with Brian.

I love these bracelets and I love this green head scarf!! Both great finds while shopping with my mom and sisters (as if shopping with my mom and sisters wasn't good enough).

Oh how I am infatuated with these bracelets right now!
Skirt: Double Exposure Consignment shop $6?
Shirt: GoodWill Marshall, $3
Locket: Hand made from an on-line store. Can't remember the name or the price.
Where Worn: Out to coffee and the used book store with my sisters.

Isn't my sister Courtney gorgeous?! I am one of those blessed people that considers her sisters among her best friends. And time spent with them is time spent well! Courtney in particular can give me the giggles like no other. She suggested we check out the used book store for sewing reference books and I lucked out we found two really good ones.  Unfortunately it may be the start of a vintage sewing reference book collection (I'm just a touch out of my mind.)

Same basic outfit earlier that week. I just really love this picture. My cousin snapped it. 
Conster and I are sitting on a bridge over this little spring fed creek where my mom and dad live. The creek actually runs through this little stone building that was used as a summer kitchen and a place to keep meat and things cold before there was electricity. How ingenious is that?

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