Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Okay so this was such a fun project I had to share it.  This year I wanted to get something silly and thoughtful for my brother-in-laws birthdays. Patrick was no problem Heather found something for him right away: a silly comic book. But Justin turned out to be something else entirely. I don't know why the guy is really funny but I just couldn't find the right thing at all. So finally I thought what is it about Justin that I love the most? It's how wonderful he is with my boys. He is the uncle that get's them whipped up into a frenzy and that guy will wrestle with them, throw them in the air what have you for hours!
In production. This one is for my Nephew.

This is the fabric on the inside. I dubbed it "80's van fabric"
But it really reminds me of Dr. Who of which my sisters
and I are HUGE fans!

So I finally decided to make him a super hero cape! SuperH and Mama Mia both have one and I thought a Super Uncle needs a Super cape. Then I got a little carried away and decided that his wife and one year old also needed super hero capes. This way the entire family can play together and you know what? We all need a little more play time in our adult lives don't you think?
I made one for Conster too. He didn't have one yet.
Don't you just love the robots?

Justin is "Super Uncle!" his special finishing move is to make his opponents say "uncle", My sister Courtney is a jeweler so her super name is "Diamond Dame" her power is to sparkle in her opponents eyes and my nephew's name is "Screeli!" his ability is to scream at such a subsonic level as to break glass etc.
A couple of my students modeling the "grown-up" capes for me.

Didn't completely think the double d thing through for
diamond dame... maybe no one will notice.

Don't worry I'm pretty sure he doesn't read this blog so it's a still a secret!