Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Original from "Posy Get's Cozy"

Remember my sewing list? Well, this was one of the things on it and can I just say this little hat was so much fun to make!  I've mentioned it so (or should I say "sew" har har) many times how much I enjoy and love the things from Alicia Paulson.  I have both her books and they're fabulous. In fact, her first book Stitched In Time is probably the main reason I fell in love with sewing.  Anyway, back to the hat, this pattern is a downloadable and ever since it came out I've basically been waiting for a little girl to come along to sew it for.
My version
That day has arrived with the arrival of my dear friend and neighbors second daughter.  What a delight to have a little baby across the street! I made this hat in the extra small and it is way too big. Big, bummer! I know babies grow fast but I'm not sure she'll be wearing it this winter... maybe, I hope so.  I think Jen was happy with it

I was happy with it even though there are a few mistakes. There always are when it comes to sewing and me I've sort of come to accept it. The embroidery was super easy I finished it during one tv show. The fabric is left over from my Rooibos dress (remember how the lady had me buy too much?) luckily Jen's favorite color is purple and the polk-a-dots are from Sew Unique (go to this store is so wonderful).  I love the plaid and the little poke-a-dots I think it gives it sort of a dickinson look which is what I was going for. Also, it's reversible.

I'm thinking about trying it again in a men's flannel or suiting and a pine cone instead of a flower for my nephew. Maybe even, in leather for a WWI fighter pilots helmet look.  What do you think about that? Could this be made to look like a vintage boys hat?


Court said...

The hat turned out so cute! Great job! I think it could be a boy's hat if it was different colors... i totally agree.

Jessie said...

Well, maybe mr. Eli will be getting one. I'd love to do vintage winter hats for all the boys!