Monday, October 10, 2011

What's not to love about fall? All right, the impending snow, I don't love that (except it brings with it Christmas) and the hours of raking, and the cleaning out of the gutters (actually I like that. Something about climbing on the roof that makes me feel challenged). 

What I mean is, how can you not love the colors? It's like God knows that winter is so bleak and grey so he gives our senses a color overload right before to get us through. I love the way every thing is golden and bright and vibrant. I love how Autumn smells, I love apples and cider and pie. I love oatmeal cookies (which are fallish for some reason). I just love this time of year. And, I will admit I am already getting excited for Christmas.

What I love the most is how every year my kids are more and more into the leaf-pile-jumping. It brings back such warm memories of my childhood and my dad.  Today was our first official leaf jumping excursion of the year. It was a good one, I know because SuperH took my hand and said excitedly "This is the best leaf day ever!" 


Blech leaf in my mouth!

This is so silly!

Crazy evil toddler laughter.

leaf tickling or leaf sword fighting?

Is he planking?

Evil quick sand leaf pile.




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