Friday, August 24, 2012

A Quilt

Two and a half years ago my sister was pregnant with her first child. I wanted to make it something special so I learned how to crochet and made a really neat baby blanket. A couple years later she was pregnant again and I wanted to make this baby a special blanket too but I couldn't decide what.  After browsing the internet it sort of came to me... A super nerdy quilt.

Not nerdy so much as AWESOME! My sisters and I (and anyone worth their salt) are huge Doctor Who fans and you can actually find Doctor Who fabric on Spoonflower (tons of it really). I knew my sister would be totally shocked to open a Doctor Who quilt.  

This is what happened after I lay all the squares out in a pleasing pattern...

It's only the second quilt I've ever made and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. She was really surprised (in a good way) and it made me happy to sew up stitches filled with dreams that my new nephew will reach for the stars.
Here it is! Some of the squares even line up perfectly.
This was the fabric I based all the colors around because the
Van Gogh episode is Courtney's favorite.
This is the back. Baby star flannel.

I had a few extra squares of Dr. fabric left and Spoonflower fabric is EXPENSIVE so I wanted to use every last scrap. My youngest sister Heather was visiting me with her new tablet and suggested I make her a case with the leftovers. So fun! It worked beautifully and she was so happy. Plus we got to sit in my sewing room happily chatting while I whipped this up.

I followed the directions for the laptop case in the book
One Yard Wonders and it was perfect.
 I still had leftovers so I also made Heather a coffee cozy.

Then I made my brother-in-law a fancy crown to wear on his thirtieth birthday. And, he wore it, what a good sport!

Then I wrapped everything up and sent it all in the mail. What a fun pile of presents!!

This quilt was so different from what I normally do, yet it was so much fun. Using funky fabrics and doing something so "themed" was just such a joy.

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Court said...

I was SO surprised to open the Dr. Who quilt. It makes me smile everytime I look at it! Such a good surprise. Also the cover you made for Heath's tablet is awesome I loved the diagonal quilt stitching on it!