Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Sunday Stroll.

Sometimes when I see the sky it makes me want to cry. The color is so deep and blue I guess the correct word is azure. At least I hope so because it's more then blue. It needs something with more of a romantic sound to it and I like the sound of azure. It is such a deep sky with such wonderful clouds painted across it. Makes me feel so small and significant at the same time. That God would create something so beautiful and I would get to see it.

My poor little camera couldn't quite capture what I wanted it to
But still quite lovely.

 My walk was quite blustery today with just a touch of autumn. It reminded me of the summer after my fifth grade year. We spent it at my Grammy and Papa's. Grammy gave me this very long old black skirt and I safety pinned it to a hula hoop and pretended that it was a hoop skirt. That entire summer there was this wind that blew. I remember that it blew the skirt every which way and knotted my hair. I remember standing on the picnic table and in my mind I looked so hauntingly beautiful. My glorious skirt blowing in the wind my long hair blowing mournfully around my head as I watched my beloved ride to war.

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