Monday, September 10, 2012

A few pictures.

At the beginning of the summer I had big plans to do fun crafts and cooking projects with the kids. Totally dropped the ball on that. We can blame it on the rain or lack thereof since it never rained we were outside a lot. And maybe my great ideas are really just practice for when I'm the most fun coolest Grandmother EVER!!!!

One of the things I did manage to do was make popcorn balls with the older two kids. It was soooo messy but very fun. We followed a Martha Stewart recipe and they were made with marshmallows, toffee and chocolate chips (yum). 

We made the popcorn in an air popper. Remember those?
The kids were amazed by it!

This summer I did get some great shopping in. One of the best finds of the year was this china set. I bought it because I liked it. Then I found out it's worth quite a bit of money (we got twenty pieces for $16!). I'm still using it though (because things should be used) and who knows maybe I'll find more some day. 

Any way I made my dear friend and neighbor Jen her birthday dessert. And used the dishes then. I let her pick out whatever she wanted for dessert and she picked out a brookie (cookie with brownie on the bottom). This is why we're seriously good friends!!!

Then I accidentally sat down and summer was over. Whoops! 

This is my oldest on his first day of real school. Kindergarten here he comes! Joyfully! Can't you tell? (He's actually doing great and I think likes it).

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Court said...

Wow that Brookie turned out amazing! So cute with the make shift one too.