Sunday, September 23, 2012


Sometimes I feel really lazy. I mean super duper lazy. This doesn't happen often mostly because I have kids and a life and that makes being lazy impossible (sleeping in isn't even sleeping in anymore. I'm excited if I wake up and it's after seven). But, sometimes I get to be lazy. Laziness mostly hits me when I'm cold. How can I be expected to do anything if I'm snuggled under a blanket?

Sunday I got a real bad case of the lazy. In my defense I wore my super cute plaid dress to church, with my vintage shoes and short sleeved bolero and it was not warm in that Holy building. Not warm at all. So by the time we got home the crisp fall weather was making my nose feel like an ice berg. I got into a pair of very worn jeans and a super stretched out sweater and then plastered myself on Brian. It seemed like I was trying to be snuggly but really I was just trying to steal his body heat (If I'd known better I would have put that into our vows "Your warmth, Oh Brian, shall be Jessie's warmth..."). Then I wanted coffee, and my laptop to surf the web and I was sooooo cozy and walking up the basement steps would be a near impossible feat.

You know what? My dearest love made the coffee and brought me a cup and brought me my computer (that necessitated two trips up and down the stairs). Then our youngest was yelling from his bed (nap time) that he needed to poop. Brian took care of that too, (but as punishment he put the dog out and I had to let him in). I don't get to be lazy very often but when I do it's because my husband is so great about taking care of me and things. Just so I can try and warm up my knee caps (there still cold in case you were wondering).

Side note: It looks like a dead person is laying on my sewing room floor but it's really the finished outer shell of the rain jacket. Hooray! Getting so much closer to having it finished. Today I surfed the web for rain boots.

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