Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Bedroom Tour... Pinterest Wednesdays.

This week's Pinterest Wednesdays is brought to you by my bedroom remodel and a whole lot of elbow grease.  A while back I decided I was sick of my old room and it was time to freshen it up. I started collecting bird and flower prints and obtained a dresser and an armoire. Both pieces of furniture needed some real help. I sanded them, primed and painted them and then inspired by this pin I stenciled birds on the front.  

Finally I found the perfect bedding (at Target no less) and it was time to bring new life to my sad little room. I LOVE it. I couldn't be happier. It reminds me of a small vintage french room. I love how the furniture matches and the prints pull the entire room together. It truly is amazing how much more relaxing and what a retreat it is now. I even make the bed, almost every day!!!!!

This is a closeup of my new sheets and a vintage pillow case.
A girl needs flowers on her sheets.

This is a closeup of pillow cases I embroidered from a vintage transfer.

My nightstand

The armoire which houses Brian's clothes and our television.
All behind doors, imagine that.

A phone and candle nook.

My dresser.

My beautiful new bedding and wonderful thrifted flower prints.
The bird prints are from this etsy shop.


Susie Finkbeiner said...

Gorgeous, Jessie! Holy Cow! You have such a talent.

Jessie said...

Thank you Susie and it was pretty low cost too. Most of it was second hand (including most of the art and the furniture) so very low cost.

Amelia said...

Great job! Everything is so lovely and so you!