Friday, October 5, 2012

Am I Really Old Enough to Have a Six Year Old?

Alas, it seems I am. SuperH turned 6 and we celebrated with a football birthday party. Which, I'm assuming, is much easier to throw together then a Donkey Kong birthday party (his second choice).

I'm always behind the ball (I didn't even notice the pun until my edit read through lol) when it comes to these types of parties and surprisingly Pinterest was no help. However, I do think it ended up being a nice day. He was surrounded by wonderful adults who love him so much and friends of all different ages; which I love because it reminds me of my childhood birthdays surrounded by aunts uncles and cousins.

I made him the Ohio State pj's.
He wore them for two straight days.

I was pretty proud of the cake and the goal post made of cupcakes.

SuperH insisted on putting the bow on whenever there was a photo.

I forgot to get pics of the football themed games. I wrapped hula hoops in red and grey duct tape (the color of The Ohio State) and taped them together to run through. We also set up Brutus (the mascot) and threw small footballs at him. The rest was easy as kids just know how to play


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Court said...

The cake turned out great!