Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pajama's Done!

The wonder of sewing is the ability to join any kind of style of fabric you'd like. I have boys they love super heros, they love the Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles. I tried to find a picture of the TMNT's running because that is how my boys run everywhere now; with there chest sticking out and their arms behind them (I guess this is how ninjas run). Imagine my joy when I found a pattern for karate pajamas at the Salvation Army store. Perfect for Christmas! And, it was perfect except that when I went to make them the pieces to the karate top were not there, grrrrrrrr. Sure I could just make them regular jammies but by now I have my mind made up that they will haven ninja pajamas!

I ended up using a robe pattern and just cut it shorter (of course I cut it too short but solved that problem by adding a black band to the bottom which tied it to the black pajama pants perfectly). It worked well, except I didn't buy enough quite enough fabric and had to get creative with the facings. The style of the pajamas is ninja but the fabric is this really cool marvel comic book fabric. Joann's just has the coolest marvel stuff, it's all retro looking and so neat!

There just ended up being one problem. I had to use superman fabric scraps from last year to make the facings and as any comic book reader knows if you mix Marvel and DC black holes can result. However, since SuperH has both companies underwear living peacefully in his drawer I thought it was worth the risk. In the end, despite the fact that there were many bang-my-head-against-the-desk (this is mostly a result from the fact that it was suppose to be easier and faster then it ended up being) moments and the fact that they're not perfect (will I ever get used to that?) I am very pleased with them and I think the boys will be too.

Now onto the next task in the mountain of projects!

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