Monday, January 14, 2013

Pinterest Post

First some housekeeping. The winner of the "Isn't it Time for a Coffee Break" giveaway is KatieBeth!!

I have a thing for dishes. Really I do so of course it would make sense that I have the smallest kitchen ever and hardly any space for them. Does this curb my enthusiasm and collecting of them? I would say "yes, it does", my husband would say "no, it doesn't" (but that's only because he doesn't know how many things I DO pass up, he only sees what I bring home.)

Several years ago I began falling in love with blue pyrex. You know the stuff ALL our moms totally got for wedding presents (except everyone I knew had the brown and green ones, blech). I don't know why but the colors just really appeal to me. And it's so durable and useful; I mean who doesn't need another covered vegetable dish, am I right? Add to that a lot of it still has it's lids and oh my dear... dishes with lids make me swoon, they really do.

Then I found pinterest and then I found this pin 

AND then, I found THIS PIN!

and I realized that not only did I want (need, crave, yearn for) blue pyrex but I also had to get my hands on some pink (way harder to find by the way). And so after I put the Christmas stuff away this year I decided I had enough pyrex to put on display. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I actually had more then I thought (not saying I'm done collecting, don't be silly). I'd love to have it more centralized and in my someday kitchen I will have a much better place for it, but for now I'm pretty happy with how it looks.

What do you think of my collection. Tell me what things do you collect make you swoon?

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