Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Today is a Grumpy Day.

Honestly it doesn't feel all bad, I've gotten quite a lot accomplished but the children are bit on the whiny side and boy does that wear a person down. It got me thinking about how parenting is hard. It's not like hard in the way that I worry it will be (and hope it never will) you know kids walking down the wrong path or getting seriously injured or sick? That's a kind of hard I am so grateful God has sheltered me from. I'm talking the daily grind kind of hard. The kind of hard where you honestly just want to eat your lunch locked in the bedroom so you can get five minutes to yourself with out having to get up and grab something. Seriously kids you get to eat why don't I? Which brings me to my other question: if I never sit down and never eat why aren't I stick thin?

It got me thinking about past me. If past me had known the actual details of my present daily life. Had known the kind of hard I'm talking about I think she would have opted out of motherhood completely. Please understand I'm not saying I wish I had opted out. What I'm saying is knowing past me the way I do and knowing the struggles she dealt with if she had known about the late nights, the daily grind, the never ever ever getting to take a shower or go to the bathroom by herself, she would have chosen not to have children. That scares me a little to think how close I came to not being a mom. I am so thankful that past me did not know all of the tiring little details of being a parent. She was scared enough as it was and she would have let her fear and her poor self-esteem frighten her out of having kids. You see becoming a mother has brought out the best and worst in me. It's strange that you can be so good and so bad. Sometimes I dream about having the house to myself. My kids make me mad. Seriously I had no idea what kind of temper I had until I had kids. Perfect moms do not yell at their children, they are firm but always loving and never ever loose their tempers. I totally loose my temper. I really hope that my kids don't need therapy as adults because of it. How can a three year old be so maddening?

Thank goodness I didn't know about my temper before I had kids. I would have decided I wasn't mother material, that I wasn't patient enough, or loving enough, or good enough to be a mom. I would have been right I'm totally NOT good enough. However, with God's continual strength, mercy and forgiveness (oh baby, how my kids make me need his forgiveness) I think I'll do. I am so glad I am a mom even though it completely sucks sometimes (it really does sorry) because sometimes it is completely awesome! Sometimes when my three year old says "Mom I luf you." it makes everything else melt away (even if in the next breath he fake burps in my face). When my six year old compliments my dress and says "Nice heels!" I am so humbled and grateful that I am a mom and so very very relieved that the past me didn't know what present me knows.

I think we tend to completely focus on the good or bad of parenthood. We become grandparents and all we remember is the roses. You know what ladies I am never going to miss having to take half a shower because my son has to poop, I'm just not going to miss that. However, I'm pretty sure I am going to miss the fact that he always wants to be in my lap (even though sometimes I want a little space). Oh parenthood you are a bizarre and strange mistress!

Brian and I fight over who HAS to sit by Conster because
when you sit in a booth with him he sits pressed up against you gooey fingers
and all. I'm pretty sure that IS one of the things I'll miss someday.
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Court said...

It's so true that parenting seem so much more simple when you don't have kids of your own... when they are yours it's a whole different game! Here's to being the best Mom's we can be and being there for one another in the process.
So good to know you are there with me.