Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Ice Cream Man.

It's been so amazingly warm here!  I wonder if the neighbor knows how much I love his trees.

I don't remember ever going to get ice cream from the ice cream man as a kid and as an adult it seems silly to me, you could buy an entire box of frozen treats for the cost of one off the truck.  Maybe if you could get soft serve off of one, like on TV but in real life it is super hard ice cream on a stick.  But it's been so nice here and Hunter has had the experience at Carla's so he gets very excited and Brian is from Toledo so he has a long term relationship with the ice cream man and well I broke down and let them get some and let me just say I have never seen Hunter so excited in all my days I will have reign myself in or he'll be getting ice cream three times a day!!

When Hunter hears the ice cream truck coming down the road he gets more excited then any thing.  He thinks that the ice cream man decides where to stop so it's always a gamble will he stop to give us ice cream or won't he, the hope and expectation is palpable.  So if he drives by our house he says "oh they didn't stop" a little disappointed but a good sport.  But if we take him to the ice cream man and he stops, OH HAPPY DAY!!!  He literally skips and hops all the way squealing with delight.  If he hears him coming down the road he will run to the window jumping with glee.  And since we've gone to the ice cream man he now plays "ice cream truck" with all of his trucks and his bike bringing me dirty sand box toys to lick.

Conner also loves ice cream, and as you can see it's serious business.

That first bite is the best.

Conner loves ice cream more then muffins and that's a lot.

Isn't summer weather the best?

Long days, cool evenings, ice cream with the three best boys in the entire world; this is the life!

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Stephen & Denise said...

I loved this one. So Cute! I want to be there when the Ice Cream Man comes so I can see that. I love that Hunter thinks is't a gamble of if he will stop or not. Nannie would be happy to send some ice cream money to keep on hand. The pics are so cute. I miss you all!!
Love Nannie/Mom