Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weekend Away

Ahhh shopping is there any thing more fun?

Megan and Sarah and our urban chick food.  Aren't they beauties?  

My fancy food. What is that green stuff on the side any way?

I spent the weekend in Grand Rapids with two amazing women!!  My friends Megan, and Sarah are wonderful they know me so well and I them that we can be ourselves and silly and serious.  We've all been friends since sixth grade (Megan and Sarah even longer) we grew up with in a bike ride from each other and spent all of our time at each others homes.  Even after I moved we stayed friends and though we lost touch for a time God saw it fit to bring us back into each others lives.  They road tripped it to my wedding and Megan and I rode tripped it up to Sarah's.  The three of us get together at least twice a year and this time it was kid free (thanks to my amazing husband).

We shopped most of the day in this really cute part of Grand Rapids that has all these little down town shops and we stumbled upon, in my opinion, a really nice antiques shop where I bought a pari of embroidered pillow cases, two hankies, and a cookbook from the fifties "How to Cook with Children".  It was perfect as I love linens and old cook books because the illustrations are so fun.  We also spent some time in the mall where I had the best bra fitting of my life.  Just FYI it was Macey's and they were soooo helpful (not in that annoying way but a good way) way better then any help I've received at Victoria's Secret (what about her is actually a secret any way?).  They really were knowledgeable about sizes and the fit.  I am embarrassed to say that I am a size I didn't know existed, one that requires specialty not-on-sale bras (but she still found me a lacy one and some matching undies) good news is if I'm ever in a plane crash I can just whip off my bra and use it as a parachute!

I tried a martini for the first time and sushi.  We were at this upscale bar/restaurant the type of place Brian and I would be too nervous to go but Megan had been there before so she took the lead and it was really fun.  Why am I such a wimp any way?  I hate being some where and not knowing what's expected even a restaurant but you can really miss out on stuff with this attitude which is why I am glad that I have friends who are brave.  Any way I had veggie sushi and it was good I did try the girls which had raw fish and it was ok but the texture was too much for me.  The martini was excellent I've always shied away from them because they seem like they would be dry but I had a pomegranate blueberry one and it was a perfect balance of sweet and warm.

We stayed up late laughing, talking about kids, pets, loneliness... everything that friends should be able to talk about with out the worry of hurt feelings or being told on.  I know that every woman has many sides and roles to her but, for me, to have friends who don't know you as: mom, wife, or pastors wife is really good for the soul, to be able to just be.  Thank you Megan and Sarah for not only a good time but a healing one as well.


fullertribe said...

You seriously had me laughing OUT LOUD with the bra comment! Way to funny. I'm so glad that you had such a great time, It's always good when a mom can just get away.

Stephen & Denise said...

Hi Jessie,

Sounds like a lot of fun. I am really glad you got to get away. I am a bit jealous of them though. They got to spend time with just you and I do miss that. Heahter and I went antiquing today and saw many things that reminded us of you and we were both wishing you lived close by so we could all hang out together. I can't wait to see you. I miss you everyday!! Love your Mom.

Rebecca said...

sounds like a great weekend! I just did my first bra fitting last weekend, and even though I have the opposite problem as you, I look like I actually have a chest now! I can't beileve I've lost touch with just about everyone in the world. I hope I can catch up with all of you soon!