Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Christmas was a blast and also very crazy. I know it seemed weird and strange for my sisters who are feeling the grown-up blues this year but for us it was so fun and magical. This was the first year that Hunter had a frame of reference for what Christmas was. He was so excited for months and every thing was exciting. It sort of brings back some of those feelings of when you were a kid. How awesome that we get to re-live some of those things through our children!

That coupled with the fact that I crocheted two stuffed animals, four pairs of gloves, seven scarves, embroidered two pillow cases, played my trumpet in the church cantata and kept up with all the fun baking and shopping etc. made for a busy holiday. Surprisingly it wasn't that stressful which is just wonderful. I think having two boys so into it this year helped keep it all in perspective.

I went out to mom's and when I came home I just looked around and thought "blah Christmas needs to come down." which is strange for me I usually leave it up until well into January but it just felt like a new year a new look in my home. And while I have gotten rid of some stuff and am in the midst of hanging new picture arrangements it's not as different as I would like. I don't know, I may paint the walls... Time for a change any way.

this barn is just like the one my Grammy had for us while we were young. I found it an an antique shop (how old am I again?) and after such a struggle thinking what to get Conner it turned out to be a perfect choice; he loves it.

Well I hope your holidays were great and I hope your 2011 finds you doing really well. Enjoy the pics of the boys and some of my handi-work (why didn't I take more pics of the stuff I made for postereity? Oh well.)
I made these using Alicia Paulson's book on embroidery for my grandparents whom are always difficult to buy for. They turned out very well and I was pleased with them. I cross stiched right onto pillow cases I bought from TJ Max
This little guy was made for my nephew who's nursery is an ocean theme. He's too little to care buy his mom  loved it!


amelia said...

What a cute little toy and beautiful embroidery! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

Courters said...

It's so true i love Grape Octo!!!! I seriously have shown him off to everyone that has walked through the door of our home!!
Thank you again!!