Thursday, January 27, 2011

What a Souper Day!

Today was one of those wonderful rare days where you feel warm and cozy and you don't have to go anywhere.  Thursday is my favorite day of the week because that is Brian's day off and I love having him at home with me. It's not like we spend every waking minute together it's just that I love knowing that he's here, like his presence somehow makes me feel happy, calm and peaceful.  Couple that with the huge quiet snowflakes tumbling past my window and my very wise decision to stay in my pajamas/work out clothes and you have a recipe for the perfect kind of cozy day. I made soup, home made bread pudding talked to my baby sister on the phone and sewed.   The only thing that could have made the day better would be a fire place in my living room but we have to have some goals for our futures.

Speaking of recipes I made bean soup today.  Soup is one of my favorite things to make because there's about a million variations, you get to chop stuff and drop it in the dutch oven (mine is red and pretty) and leave it on the stove all day until your ready to eat. A tiny bit of work yields a huge amount of food that's ready whenever you are.  I have blogged about my bean soup recipe before but today I thought I'd give some extra step by step pictures.

First heat a little oil in your pot and chop an onion (drop it in) then chop a bunch of celery (include the leaves they add a crazy amount of good flavor) and then any other veggies you have laying around. I happened to have carrots today, but you could also add peas or beans (see, that's why soup is so amazing I would not be surprised to find out that soup comes from the latin word for "clean out your fridge").  Stir them around add some salt and pepper and let them sweat a bit.  At this point you want to add your ham I just buy the diced packages you can find by the pre-packaged lunch meets; it's very economical.

Next add the beans. I insist for good bean soup that you have to use Randall Beans The Northern Bean Variety. If you don't use Randall beans the Soup Police will come and arrest you! (Sorry, I'm in a mood today).  Randall Beans are already seasoned or something and you add the juice and every thing just dump it in. I may or may  not have lots of relatives that work for Randall Beans in Tekonsha Michigan "the small Town with the big Fart." Oops, there I go again, geesh! They are the best for bean soup, though, even if I am biased you'll just have to trust me.

Next add chicken stock (stock is better then broth, it's richer and has more flavor) until every thing is just covered add a little more pepper put a lid on it and let it simmer on low all day until your ready to eat. Enjoy the wonderful aromas and feel a sense of pride that dinner is done. Now, go read a book or take a bath but do NOT do the laundry your husband told me that he wanted to do it.
It's not the prettiest most glamorous soup
but it is GOOD and hearty.The perfect thing for a snowy day.


Anonymous said...

Is that why there is that smell each time we veer of 69 onto M60? -Holly B.

Jessie said...

I know, it's one of those strange ironies of life. Tekonsha has a bean factory but they also have a broken sewer septic problem which causes the town to smell on muggy summer days. The two things are not related but it is funny. and the town sign does say "Small Town With the Big Heart" so you know the jokes go on and on. But my relatives who live there are simply delightful (also the sewer thing may have been fixed a few years back I'm not sure.)

sheila @ Elements said...

I wish I had a pot for dinner tomorrow! You don't deliver do you? :)