Monday, January 24, 2011

I Have A Secret.

I do indeed.  You see I am a HUGE dork. Most of you know this but some are happily unaware that there neighbor/friend/relative/co-server is a huge giant uncoordinated nerd. You see I am good at hiding it... sort of.  I wear semi-normal clothes, I have great wonderful normal friends, I leave my house, I bathe regularly, I can carry on pretty decent conversations and I do not know how to program any thing with buttons. Because of those things I am able to hide behind a seemingly normal facade and go about my business interacting with people in a pretty normal way.

But here's the problem. When you are a dork eventually it will begin to ooze out of you. It's not even that your trying to hide it; it's more like you forgot that you were a nerd because those around you are normal, ergo, you began to think of yourself as normal. However, eventually something will happen and it will begin to creep out of you wounding innocent bystanders.

No really people around me can get hurt. You see Brian and I have become quite close to our neighbors. They're super fun and nice and have a little girl Conner's age. Plus she's a stay-at-home mom which means we can visit during the day and partake of adult conversation while the chaos rages around us.  Last week her and I were carpooling to a crocheting event (o.k., I know that sounds a little dorky any way) I stepped into her entry way with my new Converses which have no traction took a step toward there daughter slipped slid across the floor landed on my butt with a very heavy very un-lady like thump in front of them both and knocked the 18 month old down in the process.  "Sigh" they now know what I truly am.

I one time caught myself singing through a menu in front of a church friend (you know something like "eggs and toast or do I want an pancakes?" to the tune of some random nineties ballad). That's when she found out. Sometimes I forget to hide my fantasy novels or turn off my Greatest Disney Hits CD when I stop to pick some one up in my van.  It can happen in so many different ways.

You know? The most amazing thing about the leaking of nerdiness is, despite people eventually finding out my true nature, they usually still hang out with me, love me, marry me (well just one time did the marrying thing happen), and befriend me. I guess we should just accept that God made us individual and unique and while I won't ever figure out how to properly apply makeup I am really good at making four year olds laugh so I guess it's all good.


Susie M Finkbeiner said...

I love your dorkiness...because it makes me feel like my dorkiness is normal. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your dorkiness too. Also, if you were referring to me when you were referring to normal people I must admit I was just caught knowing way too much about The Lord of the Rings at work. - Megan

Amelia said...'re not alone here. People who know me well hand me a stack of napkins when we go out to eat, and I once broke my ankle while standing on the couch reaching for something on a shelf. Yeah...

Jessie said...

Oh Susie and Megan I must admit that one of the reasons I am closer to you girls is because we share some, how shall I put it, unusualness. And Amelia I am so messy and play "mystery bruise" every morning in the shower.