Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Problem With Oreos Is...

That they are so very good. Oreos may be better then any thing else in the world... Or at least a close second.

You can't just eat one, or two, or three... I can usually stop after ten because by that time my stomach really hurts.

You can dip them in milk and they're a little salty and sweet which is just the most wonderfully awful addictive combination.

I am not sure where their coco comes from even though I have done a lot of research on it.

I feel I understand what drug addicts go through. I haven't bought oreos in months possibly longer and they were on sale this week and I was weak and I bought a package. I have now bought three packages! That sounds worse then it is, but only a little.
I think this pic perfectly depicts how I feel about these delicious glorious  cookies.


Anonymous said...

Oreos and I have a similar relationship, but add in an emotional factor. My uncle always has a huge jar full. Good memories going to Aunt Diny and Uncle Tom's. Yes, it was me who stole the cookies from the cookie jar. -Holly

Courters said...
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Courters said...

I have that same problem. We love sugar right? But for some reason cookies are the trigger food for me... i eat one and i can not stop... see comment on your blog about national make something for your self month... no joke three days off and three days of nothing but cookie eating... i stopped counting somewhere around ten in one day... and i was like screw counting points i'll just enjoy my stomach ache later.