Friday, February 4, 2011

Gifts and Interests

As a mother we have to encourage our children's individual gifts and interests to flourish.  This is what I found Conner doing this morning.
It's a bit blurry, he was moving a lot.

So I turned it on for him and shortened the wand to make it easier.

The he disappeared for a minute and I thought, "oh well, that was nice while it lasted." But, then he reemerged wearing this construction hat. Why the hat? I'm not sure, but I can just see him mid dust bunny thinking; "Wait a minute I know what will totally make this awesome. This is going to take vacuuming to an entirely new level!" and running to rummage around in his brother's room for the perfect vacuuming accessory.

All I know is, this makes me happy. Oh. So. Very Very Happy.

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Courters said...

lol that was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!