Sunday, October 24, 2010


I want to start off today's post by sharing with you one of my big flaws.  When faced with a really big issue, a really big problem; my chest squeezes tight, my blood pressure goes up, and I feel hopeless.  Hopeless is a pretty big scary word for a Jesus loving person because it shows a real lack of faith.  It also shows my selfishness.  What I mean by that is when a really really big issue starts to come into view I will usually turn my back and flee.  I look the other way and pretend that I don't know about said problem because it is easier on me to live in ignorance (it really can be bliss can't it).  If I don't know about a problem I can't feel guilty for not really believing that God is big enough to change things and I don't have to feel guilty about not changing my life to help make a difference.

I was told recently that when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges there are two types of people.  The first group charges in head long to make the challenge surmountable.  They work at it tirelessly and with great passion until they fizzle out or change does indeed happen (this is my very brave and courageous sister Courtney) and then there are people like me who throw their hands up in the air and say "well I'm just going to pretend it's not there because nothing I do will make a difference" and then go back to bed or stuff their faces with chocolate (well the bed and chocolate thing is what I do).

I love this blog and I love that you all read it.  I want it to be truthful even when it hurts me, and funny.  I really want it to be funny.  I do not want it to be about politics or other hot button issues we get enough of that every day.  But there is something that I think we need to discuss it's big and scary but it's important.  It's about women and children around the globe.  It's so big I'm sure it's going to take more then one day to talk about it but I want you to know as hopeless as it sounds there is a lot being done and a lot we can do so stay tuned in because even if I don't get to solutions today I will get to them in the following posts! I also want you to know that this issue has been on my peripheral for a long time but I really didn't do any thing until it was shoved right into my face and for that I'm sorry.

There are more slaves in our world today then there were during the civil war.  Most of those enslaved are enslaved in some form of sex trafficking.  The average age of a prostitute world wide is 12 years old (the average age in the U.S. is also 12 years). 27 million people are enslaved globally in various forms of sexual and labor exploitation. UNICEF reports that across the world there are more than one million children entering the sex trade every year. The U.S. Department of State estimates that approximately 800,000 persons (mostly women and children) are trafficked across national boarders annually (notice that doesn't count trafficked people with in their own country).

Even here in the United States girls are being smuggled in to be used as prostitutes! Our own teen agers are being targeted and forced into a life a spiritual and actual slavery.  There are so many awful stories that take place right here Some one could write a book (some one probably has).  Please know this is not a problem that doesn't touch us or happen here in our Country.  You know the movie "Taken" that actually happens!! What about the girls who don't have ex-CIA operatives for dads? The United States along with Belgium, Germany, and Japan rank "very high" as destination countries of trafficked persons.  Meaning that these are countries people are being forced into against their will to work as slaves (mostly in the sex industry)

We like to believe that prostitution is a life some one has chosen. But it really isn't and if this is something happening in our own Country, if as Christians we're suppose to be standing up for the oppressed then I don't see how we can't do something.  But in order to understand how this happens we have to begin to understand poverty and how people around the world are being used as slaves in other areas.  I know this a lot and I don't want to be a bummer but there are solutions (Northern Thailand has completely wiped out child prostitution!) there are things we can do please take some time and digest what I've written about check out the resources below and then come back when I'll put some ideas out there give you the heads up on groups that are doing something good and tell you signs and things to look out for so maybe you can be some ones silent angel.

If you want to do some more in depth research check out these sites.

Here are some web sites to keep you busy forever!

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