Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Wore, Sort of.

Shirt: Good Will
Skirt: Good Will, Talbots brand $3
Bracelet: My charm bracelet.
I think I wore this to youth group.

A close up of the Talbots skirt (what a great find) and the bracelet.
I got the bracelet when I was a young teen and I love that the charms show
all these things that were important to me at different times in my youth
(horse and horseshoe, Hello ten year old me). I also love the sound it makes "tinkle tinkle"
So far I'm loving this clothing challenge. I'm having fun exploring new consignment shops and I'm actually having fun putting outfits together.  However, I've noticed a strange phenomenon. When I look in the mirror I think "All right that looks pretty cute." but if someone takes a picture of me it's like a totally different person is now in the photo or inhabiting my body.  It's super weird. I am going to call it the Dork Principal.

The dork principal works the same way the vampire principal works. If your wondering if someone is a vampire you hold a mirror up to them or take their picture and they won't show up. In the same way, if your wondering if someone is a dork take their picture and their true identity will be revealed. In my case I can go a pretty long time with out revealing my nerd (my sister says, "your nerd is showing.") I just have to remind myself not to make too many Battle Star Galactica or Fire Fly references.  So I put on a really cute outfit strut around pretending I know what I'm doing and some people are fooled.

Pull out a camera, however, and my real identity is revealed. I was at my writers group this weekend and I brought along my camera because I was wearing a super cute outfit. A "new" sweater which is short sleeved and perfect for this in-between weather and it looks sort of like it's from the 1930's (I could totally see this sweater at a sepia toned football game). And a skirt which was also thrifted and flattering. I'm serious I got some nice compliments at church. So, I'm thinking I'll get a few photos of me in the really neat coffee shop looking all deep and authorish, but as soon as they pull out the camera I can't remember how to stand properly, and my arms feel like robot arms (what are you suppose to do with your arms in a photo?) and my smiles are too goofy but my deep introspective face looks like I just passed gas. I feel like the photo reveals my true identity; a slouchy nerdy girl. It even reveals a comic book thought bubble that says, "If only Captain Adama were my father!"

These are author photos of my friend Susie.
See how her expressions says,"I have so
many deep and amazing ideas I don't have
time to brush my hair." but still looks
mysterious and sexy?
When Susie get's famous I'm going to go
to one of her book signings and readings
and say really smugly to the person sitting
next to me, "I know her, we're friends."
If your interested in her writing's check out
her site.
All that to say that I feel like these photos aren't doing justice to the really nice clothing I'm getting second hand. I'm no model that's for sure and my camera is old and been dropped on it's head numerous times. But I'm still having fun and I hope you can see through my wonky photos and get a glimpse of how fun this thrifting is. Also, if you have any suggestions for posing or cameras or anything I'll take them!

Now these photos show you that I am a horrible fake laugher.
And the top photo really showcases my glasses and out of sorts hair
that was totally looking good before the camera came out.
These are the best of the photos taken FYI.

This one is all right.
Sweater: Thrifted from 360 in Kzoo $9?
Skirt: Thrifted from Double Exposure in Kzoo
Lace Camisole: hand-me down from my mom, altered by me.
Pearls: Gift from my sister.
Worn to Church and my Writer's group in Grand Rapids.


Heather B said...

I dont think you look like a dork or nerd in those pics! But i also think that being a nerd is a much more enlightened way to be :) as far as posing goes i almost always put one or both hands on my hips and turn my head a little to the side, that seems to work! I have a friend who swears that when the camera comes out she cant remember how to smile properly, so i think the key is to relax and not over think it!

susiefinkbeiner said...

So funny, Jessie! I would just like to let ALL your readers now that I was fighting the giggles when you were taking those pictures of me!

And I have decided to stop brushing my hair forever and ever.

Court said...

Jess. This was so funny.
My first thought when i saw the first pic was... wow great pick you look so fit and awesome :)
I think one of the tricks as you might have figured out from the last pic is putting your hands on your hips :) No more worrying about what to do with your arms and (I am always a little paranoid about my arms looking squishy so i always do that. lol LOVE YOU!!!

Court said...

HEATHER! I just read your comment! lol great minds think alike. :)