Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It was so fun reading about every ones favorite comfort foods.  I chose two winners at random and they are: Beki who said "my favorite comfort food overall is mahed potatoes made in the butteriest, creamiest way possible. As far as sweets go, I' d say cinnamon things made from leftover pie dough." and Rebecca M (I knew her as Becca back in the day) "hands down mac&cheese. or maybe cheesy potatoes... butter, cheese, and carbs- you can't go wrong!" Oh yum I agree with both (and I thought the fact that the two winners names were forms of Rebecca was sort of funny). congratulations you two I hope it will bring cheer to your kitchens. Send me a message with your mailing info and I will get them to you as soon as possible.

So here's a question for all of you lovely blog readers. Michigan is strange, it's freezing cold one day and HOT the next (sometimes even the same day) especially this time of year. I want to be able to wear my hand made dresses as long as possible because I worked hard on them and they're cute. The question is: does this work?

 This is the birthday dress paired with a
hand-me-down jean jacket from my Aunt.
I've had the jacket for years and LOVE it.
Was so happy to fit into it again after
Conner was born.
This is the other dress I made this summer
Same jacket. I think the Jacket looks better with this dress.

Now that fall is here I could also wear a pair
of red heals with this dress (I have
a pair with a flower on it even) instead
of sandals.
So what do you think. Does the jacket work at all? Is one dress yes and another no, or do they both look cute? Would different shoes make it translate into autumn better, or am I just totally off base? I need your help readers because I love to sew and I love to thrift but sometimes I need help looking stylish.


Steve said...

I think the jacket looks great with both dresses. They would both look really cute with a cardigan for a more dressy look. The shoes you are wearing with them can definately work through fall though and then I agree just a differant shoe will look great for winter. Love you! MOM

Jeannie said...

My vote for the second dress with a dark shoe...red would work.
Keep sewing and blogging!!


Heather Noel said...

I love the jacket with both dresses and as a total shoe hound i would like to say that any kind of pumps or even flats would go great with these. red especially :)

dclay said...

I like the jacket and the dresses, but not together. It looks like you're trying to cover up your cute dresses. A jacket in a closer color would look better, I think.

Chelsi said...

I agree with heather. Although I LOVE red shoes!!

Court said...

Both of the dresses look great with the jacket. Very cute!

Kristie said...

I love both looks! I think the jean brings out the subtle colors in the dresses, and turn them from summer to fall! Go for it for sure!