Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Giveaway!

My dear readers, I value you so much. Your comments are such a blessing to me.  This one is for you, and I meant to have it up earlier today but got totally sidetracked by this awesome colette pattern I'm making.

I've had this gift ready for a while but was waiting for the 12th because it's a blog-wide giveaway day!

It's another apron. I know we've done this one before but there is so much fun baking this time of year I thought it was still a perfect gift. This time, however, it's coming with vintage Christmas cookie cutters (fun!). Don't worry they're safe to use, made with tin not lead I would hand wash them though and avoid putting them in the dishwasher.

I was so proud of my Christmas Paperwhites
until I smelled them. They stink!

The cookie cutters are a bell, tree, santa and gingerbread man.

Men's dress shirt apron.
To enter to win leave a comment telling me about your favorite thing from the holidays; traditions, memories, food, games... Whatever it is you love best about this time of year let me know. I know this isn't narrowed down very much but I just couldn't decide.  Make sure your name is left with your comment and I'll draw a winner on Friday.  Good luck and Merry Christmas.


Heather said...

I rarely comment, but I do follow you and Susie with your least on Facebook. I am so proud of both of you for writing!

My favorite part of Christmas has always been the Richards' Christmas with my mom's family (Midge and Harry Richards). There are tons of aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends we adopt temporarily who have no place else to go for Christmas. It is always a fabulous time of LOUD laughing and story telling, with lots of good food to go with it! What a blessing that family is!! :-)

Suzie's Blog said...


There is so much about Christmas that I love. We traveled a lot during Christmas so my memories are mixed as each year we did something different. The years we were home were very special. My favorite memory was made a few Christmas's ago when I snuck back home to Michigan after moving to Virginia and surprised my parents for Christmas. I called my dad on the phone and he thought I was on my way to my in-laws. Then I walked through the door and surprised him! I surprised my mom when she got home! It was awesome! I am thankful that my parents always made sure we knew Jesus was the reason for the Season.

(maybe you can mail the prize?) :-D

Rebek said...

I just wanted to let you know that I am tickled that you have been following my adventures in cloth diaper making. I was truly flattered when you mentioned it yesterday. I have been a reader of your blog for a little while now and enjoy hearing how sewing goes for you and how the boys play superhero...Johnathon is really good at those games (mostly spiderman and Ironman).

I wanted to let you know that my favorite part of Christmas is more a PRE-CHRISTMAS prep....I love to make candies to serve to my family and friends over the holiday break. As crazy as it makes me to beat the "Christmas Clock" time line...I absolutely LOVE it! It started about 10 years ago when I thought the chocolate covered cherries (store bought) were fake tasting. I love chocolate covered cherries but these were gross! I looked up many recipes and jumbled a few together to make it my own. I packaged them up all cute(because I had time...and only one kid then) and gave them away as a Christmas gift with an ornament. Everyone loved them and a tradition of candy making for Christmas began in our home! Now my oldest 2 kids have been helping for the past 2 years...passing on tradition they are going to help this year teach some of it to their brother!

Jessie said...

Heather, my family xmas's were loud and big too! I have 13 cousins and we were always "adopting" people too. It was so fun!

Suzie, yes i will definitely mail the gift to whoever wins! And how cool to surprise your parents like that. I got to do it once but not for Christmas, how special.

Rebek, isn't it amazing how much we can get done when we didn't have so many children, lol!

lanie said...

My favorite memory is every year we would all pick a kid off the angle tree go shopping as a family and get them everything they put on their card.... Then we would write each one a letter from Santa wishing them a blessed year... We'd get them non parish able items that's they coul make for a Christmas dinner... I'm holding they enjoyed opening it as much as I loved making up the bags...

Susie Finkbeiner said...


Okay, when I was a kid, we would have a BIG family reunion. All my Great Aunts would make candy and cookies and pies...and no adults ever told us "you've had enough". We would eat together, sing the doxology (which is a very funny story in itself), share our lives together. I miss that tradition. But I'm so glad to have the memories.

Court said...

My favorite Christmas tradition (sadly isn't happening this year) Is going as a family to get the christmas tree. We always go to a real tree farm and cut it down ourselves. We yell "Timber!" when Dad cuts the tree down. Then we decorate it as a family while we listen to christmas music. The last great part is we then sit in front of three all lit up with our hot chocolate. It's a long running tradition and it warms my heart.

Katie said...

My favorite part of the holidays is Christmas Eve. My rather large family gathers in my parent's tiny house. There are always card games and laughter and my dad tells stories about all the crazy things he did as a kid (my favorite has always been the lawn chair tied to the roof of a car being driven around his hometown). My very favorite part is when we all sit down to open presents. I love watching my family's faces light up when they open something chosen specifically for them. I haven't had much money to buy many presents in the last few years, but it seems like my homemade gifts are much more appreciated than anything that could come from a store.

I also wanted to tell you how much I love reading your blog and what lovely person you are. I hope your holiday season is everything you hope for and more!

fullertribe said...

I have a few favorite things, Making Christmas cookies is close to the top. I just bought a heavy duty mixer since I've burned 4 little ones up in the past two years! :) But I also LOVE getting all of my Christmas things out. I love looking at my ornaments and remember who bought them for me. I think of your mom the most during this time because she has gotten me so many of my ornaments and she always get me one that is just perfect for me! :)

fullertribe said...
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Stephen & Denise said...

Wow this is hard because I love Christmas and all it involves. I think some of my favorite Christmas memories will always be putting you three girls in the car and driving all over looking at the Christmas lights and then singing Christmas carols all the way home. Also going out and cutting down the tree and decorating it with you girls! Then sitting in the dark looking at the tree we had just finished and sipping hot chocalate while listening to Christmas music.

Heather B said...

How on earth can one pick just one favorite thing from the Holidays? Cutting down the tree in feet of snow and singing songs while stuffed into the minivan, or stockings so full its hard to undo them, Santa taking the extra care to put pajamas right on the end of your bed! He must have really liked us :) Christmas is such a wonderful time and its all the memories of my family that make it so warm and special to me. I just cant choose only one thing!

Anonymous said...

There are two things that I used to really enjoy about Christmas. One was my mom and I would have a baking contest. We would each make a loaf of cranberry nut bread to take to grandma's house. Grandpa had to say which one was better and he always chose mine. they were unmarked. I was so proud. Especially since I didn't know the first thing about cooking and still don't. Lol. And the second was when I moved to my dad's after graduation we would still go to mom's to have christmas morning with my brother (who was still at the age where we had to get there before dawn). It was the most beautiful drive. No cars. No tracks in the new snow. The headlights makin the snowflakes shimmer and shine. So peaceful.

Jen B

Cassie said...

My favorite thing about the holidays and the food. I love to cook and don't think it is a burden.

Mindy said...


I think your blogs provide inspiration for us stay-at-home moms who want to strive to be better stay-at-home moms. The sewing you do and time you make for everything is inspiring. That said, this apron is really cute! I did just follow the link to the pajama pants and may make that my first sewing attempt in some time.

My favorite part of Christmas, aside from seeing and spending time with family, is looking at the lights of the Christmas tree late at night. When I was a child, I would wake up at night and just enjoy the peacefulness of looking at the tree. I still enjoy this. The best part now is that my two year old has started doing the same thing. I will hear him open his door at night and creep out to the living room. When I check on him, he is just laying on the couch looking at the lights. There is just something comforting and familiar about this simple time.

Carrie said...

It's silly and I know the contest is over, but I've been meaning to tell you and kept forgetting (imagine that) that WAY back when you told me about this giveaway I was leaving a comment when the phone rang. In the process of getting off the couch to answer, I stepped on a little people (that one of my very own little people) had left on the floor, lost my balance, and dropped the computer on the floor. The computer broke and shut down in the middle of my post!! I just wanted you to know so that you did not think that I ignored your suggestion as I LOVE to read your blog...your stories both amuse and inspire me. And even though it's over, I would still like to take the time now to say that I LOVE everything about the Christmas season! I love the festivies, family gatherings, the food, the scents, the sights, the decor, a REAL tree. I even love the SNOW at Christmas. But, most importantly I love the reason that we celebrate. I love teaching my children about HIS greatest gift to us. I love our tradition of reading the Christmas story every year, it never gets old. If I could change only one thing, it would only be that we extend our never quite seems long enough. <3