Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pajama Pants.

Readers, so far so good. I'm making good progress on my Christmas projects and have thus far been enjoying myself and trying (and doing a pretty good job) of not stressing. I recently had a serious conversation with myself that went something like this: "Jessie, even if you buy that really expensive fabric for the skirt (which has to be bought on a certain day to make use of two coupons) you don't have to finish it before Christmas." other me "But I want to have something new to wear to the Christmas eve service." sane me "Tough, if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen. It's more important to enjoy this time of year then make yourself crazy." we grudgingly agreed.

So, I'm feeling good about everything. I decided to make pajama pants for the boys after I saw some really cool super hero flannel at JoAnn's. But, of course I decided to make us all a pair not just the boys. I found a tutorial on-line for the kids and let me take a break here to tell you how glad I am that I found this. It is fabulous and I'm linking to it because it was seriously so easy it was like magic. I cut and made up two pair of pajama pants before lunch! If you want to make your kids pj's for Christmas do not even bother buying a pattern this was amazing! I hate cutting out and marking pattern pieces it's my least favorite part about sewing so this was extra incredible. Even if you are a total beginner you could do it (feel free to contact me with questions should you have any.)

Back to my story. I have both the boys pants cut out and am completely done sewing one of them when I realize that my non-directional batman print is actually directional and I have made them upside down. It's barely noticeable and a five and two year old are definitely not going to notice but I've been sewing practically non-stop for weeks and I had literally been "head blogging" while sewing them about how much I've learned and how great these were to make etc. So, I cried. All the barely held back stress burst forth and I cried. My sweet mother says to me "well, at least you know you won't make that mistake again." which is funny because the first real sewing project I ever did was pajama pants at Christmas for my sisters and brother-in-law in which each of the pants had one leg where the print was upside down! Which is one the reasons I was "head blogging" about how far I've come.

SERIOUSLY! Any time I'm sewing and I get a little proud of myself or think the cursed phrase "wow, this is going pretty well." I immediately make a huge mistake or notice one I've already made. God must think I could have a serious problem with pride (right now He's rolling his eyes and thinking "don't lay this on me, geesh!"). Oh well, I'm over it and they are cute and they were so fast.

A sneak peak of Brian and my fabric for our pants.
Funny thing it really is "nondirectional"
I hope your enjoying the Holidays. And don't forget to comment on the below post for a chance to win my Christmas giveaway.

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Nancy said...

Thanks for linking up! I never would have noticed your pajama pants were upside down if you didn't mention it. They look great!